Primal comes to PSN

I have to give it to Sony, I had hoped they would make use of their Playstation 2 Classics and it seems they have. Instead of releasing a game that we have all played because it’s immensely popular, they have released a forgotten gem.

Primal, a dark and gothic adventure by SCE Studio Cambridge, is arriving digitally on Playstation Network this week. Primal follows the tale of Jennifer Tate and her mysterious demonic past. Along with sidekick gargoyle Scree, Jen has to traverse through demon worlds utilizing her dormant demon powers.

I believe I actually owned this game as a kid. As soon as I saw this announcement, a sudden wave of memories hit me. After watching some videos online I recalled how dark and atmospheric this game was. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but I enjoyed the use of demon powers. Plus, the game has music by 16-Volt. Gotta love that.

Primal releases tomorrow on PSN. Now all Sony needs to do to win my heart is get Playstation 2 Classics on the Vita.


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  • Earthbound_X

    Yeah, it was a cool game, I never beat it though, since the last boss/bosses took quite a few parts, and if you died, you had to starts the fights all over.

    I’m liking the new layout of the site btw, nice that I can use my Disqus account now.

  • tearsofafeather

    I loved this game as a kid. I think I beat it I also think there was a nice twist toward the end.

  • Alex

    This was one of my favorite games as a kid.

  • Ariessiren

    beautiful game, but man was it boring. it was trying to be like soul reaver but really didnt succeed. its a snoozefest. the worlds are huge but totally empty. but its great to see them release more obscure titles. id really like to see the fatal frame series, ghosthunter, clock tower, haunting ground etc.
    lets hope!!

  • Ross Ingram

    I did have the collector’s edition of this when it came out. For some reason it was only £20 instead of £40 on release so it was an instant buy. It had a great story, but man it got hard to finish. I loved the different demon forms.

  • Ccrogers15

    Totatally and forever my fave game of all time.

  • Ccrogers15

    Oh and the game has 13 ratings now, and its still got a 5.00 star rating on PSN, good news if it gets alot more buys and stays 4.00 or higher, there MAY be a sequel, OR REMAKE!

  • Anonymous

    Sequel or remake would be unlikely. Even so it still wouldn’t be the same since the voice actor of Scree (Andreas Katsulas) died in 2006.


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