PS4 “PT” Teaser is new Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, starring Norman Reedus

Holy. Shit. You guys know that P.T. interactive teaser that just released today on PS4 after it was revealed at Gamescom? Well, turns out that it’s a new Silent Hill game. Seriously.

Those that downloaded the odd teaser were introduced to a closing scene that reveals that Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo Del Toro are working on a new Silent Hill game starring The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. Seriously

For those looking for proof of the reveal, look no further than 1:16:00 in this Twitch archive.

I’m out of it right now. This announcement was not only done in such a clever way, but it has also got Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro working on it together. These are two visionary that are excellent at their craft, and they’re making. a. Silent. Hill. game. Wow.

Allow me to process this craziness and I’ll get back to you if I learn anything new.

Update: Reveal video embedded below.

[Via: NeoGaf]

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  • Mohammad A. Fikree


  • scapulator this might be the hardest erection i have ever achieved

  • k-man

    that playthrough seemed scarier than the last 2 silent hill games…I cant freakin wait for this

  • Bruns Aguirre

    OH. MY. GOD. Is this a joke? And, if it isn’t: THANKS TO ALL THE GODS FOR LISTENING MY PRAYERS. If the combination is right (Del Toro, Hideo, and less impressive, Reedus) It may be the best Silent Hill in YEARS; Of course, It is hard to beat the original trilogy, specially the second game, but with THAT crew, looks like It’s going to be awesome 😀

  • Matt


  • hbkwm14

    After been shot with the news of the new Tomb Raider this has at least made me happy. Hopefully this is gonna be awesome

    • ariessiren

      same here man, awful about TR, this and until dawn helps

  • MattS71

    WHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT? You all better not be playing with my emotions!!! After TR today, its been rough!!!

  • James Coe

    cool I hope do it batter

  • tristan

    super excited for this!!!! (not so much the reedus part however :/ )

  • MattS71

    ok, I played the PT teaser… it – awesome atmosphere, and a little frustrating. Tried twice and both times fairly different experience. Awesome way to tease Silent Hill(s)

  • Smiley

    Well, now I’m curious as to what the Kojima nay-sayers have to say for themselves now? We got a teaser that doesn’t even promote itself as Silent Hill scaring gamers in ways no one could have envisioned from the man behind MGS.

    • bob

      Fuck off, barely any different to the jumpscare pc indie horror games

      • Smiley

        Haha. Classy response. Effective jump scares are never a bad thing for a horror game, especially if you never know when they’ll come. And this game isn’t really going to be an indie title. They showed off what they could do without adding in that extra polish, so when people tried P.T. thinking it was an indie game they still found it unbelievably scary when in truth it’s made by Kojima Productions. Expect the final product to do things indie developers could only dream of including in their games.

  • ariessiren

    best news, amazing.

  • Esmeralda Rodriguez

    This looks like an awesome game & what a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Norman Reedus!!!! I can’t wait to buy it! 🙂

  • fjfjjffj

    Funny this is exclusive to PS4, and revealed the very day that Tomb Raider 2 was said to be Xbox One exclusive. Shots fired lmao

    • ariessiren

      not confirmed as exclusive check yourself

    • ZenTzen

      TR is timed exclusive anyway

  • Liam Mountain

    so happy to hear that classic silent hill music.

  • Krauser

    OMG that`s GREAT news!

    Silent Hills ?


    (Seriously though, pretty sure I must be dreaming at this point)

    • Hmm, the only problem for me is that the ‘gameplay trailer’ is first person, I’m really hoping that’s not the case in the game (as per usual SH/Kojima). There wouldn’t be much point having a ‘named actor’ if we never saw him, right?

      • Steve Bessant

        Could be like SH4, where only a small portion of the game is first person to incite claustrophobia in tight hallways.

        • Yeah, that crossed my mind too. Definitely preferable to the whole thing being first person.

  • Steve Bessant

    Kojima. Del Toro. Reedus. I honestly cannot see how this can go wrong. Plus a song from the first Silent Hill playing at the end? Ahhhh man, I want more!

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    Kojima, i love you….

  • Xander

    I’m confused and apprehensive and excited all at once.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    After i saw the fridge floating in the red hallway i somehow new this was going to be silent hill. BTW P.T. is scary as fuck.

  • Anubis

    What? Have I just been transported to an alternate and more awesome universe?

  • Brhoom26

    Guys I remember some time ago rely on horror did an article about a guy that wanted to make a game that change with the player and the video showed a house similar to this, anyone remember it?

  • franky mcdonald

    R.I.P. At the mountains of madness.
    I would rather Del Toro work on Castlevania.(Mex. Catholic who loves vampires, perfect) Kojima’s phantom pain flying whale makes me nervous for what he might try to shoe in the game, and with Kojimas position at Konami I feel Del Toro might not have the pull to stop him from making a work of horror. And i’m glad i didn’t play the walking dead, so i don’t have to jump that hurdle when i hear M. Bison speak. All in all I’m crossing my fingers. A scaredy cat, and a guy who’s inexperienced at making games will make lightning strike.

  • Steven Bayne

    Hell yeah! I knew it was only a matter of time until Hideo announced he was working on the next Silent Hill. This might very well be what the series needed. A twisted mind to head the project,a brilliant director and Walking Deads poster boy.

  • Xuchilpaba

    I don’t know what to think, man. I’m confused what is the purpose of casting the good guy redneck from the walking dead, and why it’s Silent Hill(s). Is it gonna be continuation of the the original canon. Who’s gonna write, design monsters, etc. There are a lot of question on my mind.

    I need a drink.


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