Until Dawn Has Allegedly Been Cancelled (Update: Sony responds)

Update: When asked about the possibly cancellation, Sony declined to issue a comment on the matter. Take this how you will. Time will tell if Until Dawn has been cancelled or delayed further.

Update 2: VG247 got in touch with Supermassive managing director, Pete Samuels, whom revealed that the game has not been cancelled and that more details will be shared in 2014. Odd that Sony declined to comment if the game is still in development, huh?

In an e-mail to pre-order customers on Amazon, it has been said that the PlayStation exclusive title Until Dawn has been cancelled.

“We recently learned that the manufacturer of Until dawn – PlayStation 3 cancelled this release and it will not be available for purchase.”

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 3′s Move supported horror game that gave homage to the teen slasher genre. Players took control of several teenagers that were stalked by a serial killer on the anniversary of their friends death.

It’s a sad day for us all when a promising looking horror game is cancelled, but until more sources come in, we’re remaining skeptical about this being final, as no reason has been given yet as to specifically why the game was cancelled.

You can see the e-mail being sent to customers below.



  • Liam Mountain

    awww man !! this better not be true I was really looking forward to playing this. last month they said everything was going fine .

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    I Don’t care about this Horror Release anymore since no Trailer, No Marketing