ONM set to reveal new horror game for Wii U in next issue

The Wii U has what it takes to provide some truly engaging survival horror experiences. I’ve yet to experience ZombiU, but from what my friends who own it have been telling me, it sounds like it’s a great game. (Yes, I know about those mixed and bad reviews,too.)

So continue giving Wii U more horror games, I say! And with this recent tease from the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine, it looks like we’ll be getting another one.

“Are you scared? You should be… World Exclusive! The first look at a stunning new game.”

That’s what the teaser for next issue’s big world-exclusive reveal reads. There’s also an image showing what looks like the internal parts of a ship (or a camera, as readers have pointed out in the comments). You can also see the shadow of what looks like a man in the center. Ghosts?

Many believe that this could relate to the unannounced-but-pretty-much-confirmed HD edition of Resident Evil Revelations, but “new game” clearly stated in the teaser makes me think otherwise.

Are you excited for this? Do you think it’ll be a game in an already established horror series, like Resident Evil, or a brand new IP? Sound off in the comments below!


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  • I vote Fatal Frame. Nintendo bought the IP from Tecmo and released 2 games in the series on the Wii in Japan, and one on the 3DS (Spirit Camera). Of course, the big question will be, would Nintendo even bring it to the US? A potential outlier would be a new Echo Night title by FROM Software.

  • Guest

    i vote for fatal frame aswell ,the pic is the inside look of the camera obscura and the shadow is a ghost that is captured inside it

  • Kurt

    No it is not Fatal Frame, it is Acid Ghost.

  • Maybe Eternal Darkness 2?

    I guy can dream right?

  • revsoulx3

    I wish it was Fatal Frame, but it looks so industrial. It doesn’t strike me as a FF game. ;^;

  • Neutron15

    Resident Evil Revelations confirmed for consoles (Ps3,Xbox360 and Wii U) and PC, gonna play it again with xbox and pc version



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