NYCC 2012: Michael J. Bassett on future Silent Hill film ideas

During the Silent Hill Revelation 3D New York Comic Con panel, director Michael J. Bassett addressed a fan question about what other Silent Hill games he would like to adapt to movie form if given the opportunity. His first mention was Shattered Memories due to it’s story “mixing things up”. His second mention was Downpour, which he stated will have a easter egg of some form in Revelation. Lastly, he stated that Silent Hill comic Past Life would be interesting as a film.

But Bassett has more ideas in mind if he were to pen more Silent Hill movies. He displayed an immense interest in writing his own story within the universe; something unique and not based on a game. We’ll see Bassett’s passion for the series on the silver screen when Silent Hill Revelation releases on October 26th.

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  • Xander

    I would love to see an original story within the universe of the games. That’s what the first Resident Evil movie either was or could have been, if left alone, and it was actually fairly good. I really think that this is what adaptations should be, especially with survival horror series, considering new stories are what survival horror sequels at least used to be.

  • Smiley

    No one wants to adapt or even consider a movie based on Silent Hill 2. It’s almost like they’re scared. He’d rather do the SH1 re-imagining even though the first movie might as well have fallen in that factor with Harry switched out for Rose and the same plot of looking for her daughter.

    The Room would be interesting and play out like a J-horror film given the ghosts and premise.

    Doubt anyone in Hollywood would consider Origins unless someone pitched Travis as a handsome guy on spring break rather than a truck driver.

  • Koulamatata

    Lets just wait and see how good your first SH movie is before we get ahead of ourselves there, Michael. Big shoes to fill with that first movie being so good.
    But I have faith.
    At least Michael is clearly a big fan of the franchise. It’s nice that someone who cares about the series so much is the one handling the movie.
    Not like the Resi films. I love Mila, and I love the first 3 movies. But it’s just… different, because you can tell they’re not really fans of the franchise. Well, they are, but it’s just really, really casual.
    But Michael is a genuine fan. Hopefully his enthusiasm for the series shines through in the movie.

    And I would love to see a Shattered Memories movie. It had a great story, but kind of dry gameplay. I wouldn’t mind having that turn into a movie.

  • Hmmmm Deathwatch was very Silent Hillish if you ask me.

    • Broc Holmquest

      I thought so too. It ranks up there with 1408 on my list of Silent Hill movies that have nothing to do with Silent Hill. Solomon Kane (which Bassett wrote and directed) was also quite good.

      • I dunno about that friendo, 1408 the short story by Stephen King came out in 1999. I’m not saying it influenced the Room by any means but has some similarities concept-wise.

    • Interested now, which Deathwatch would that be?

  • gantauer

    silent hill shattered memories? my kind of guy!

  • cccc

    um no past life. i want a Silent Hill 2 film adaption.

  • inf

    Silent Hill 2 adaption please.

  • ….I don’t really want him making anymore movies…..


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