New Evil Within screens released


A series of new screenshots have been released to the press for the upcoming Tango Gameworks & Bethesda horror game, The Evil Within. The screens feature around the previously mentioned and scantily seen demo area that was previewed off to several gaming sites, as well as hinted to be the official E3 demo by the screencap names. They feature our main man, Sebastian, beginning his trip into madness at the asylum, investigating the scene in a rather trendy trench coat. He seems to lose it somewhere in the struggle after being knocked out (another RE4-esque nod as how Leon loses his coat in Resident Evil 4), and the rest of the shots feature him tumbling around rather defenseless, until arming himself with a gun and drenching the shot in gratuitous violence.

You can check out the screens below, and we’ll keep you updated on new Evil Within news as it develops.

[nggallery id=103]

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  • Enjoying everything I see until now. The scenarios give me a Silent Hill vibe.

  • Saladmancer

    Wow it must of been some ones time of the month in screenshot 4!

  • giantbat

    The creatures in screenshot 5 remind me of those in Condemned 2: Bloodshot (this is a good thing). Still would like to see a Condemned 3 (preferably done by Monolith)

  • Predetermined camera angles?!?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ^_^

    • flange

      It’s crazy how fixed camera angles are “different and exciting” nowadays.

      It looks great! I hope they don’t screw it up.

  • luigiix

    Looking great!

  • UZI

    im so excited for this!!! This could be the next RE/Silent Hill… Maybe ^__^

  • El horro De tus muerto

    Bound to be a masterpiece


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