Murasaki Baby’s gameplay explained in GIFs

Xdev producer Chris Jones took to the PlayStation Blog today to explain some of the gameplay mechanics that will be found in his oddly named PlayStation Vita platformer, Muraskai Baby.

In order to reunite the roundheaded “Baby” with her mother, players must direct her across treacherous environments that can be manipulated on the fly using the Vita’s rear-touch panel.

Murasaki Baby takes place in a nightmarish world where different backgrounds have varying effects on Baby and the environment. Touching the rear-touch panel in different ways cycles between backgrounds, with the player having to choose the correct one in order to progress.

The black and white background weighs Baby’s balloon so that wind can’t carry her away; the blue background freezes water; the green one shrinks Baby; and the neutral red background returns everything to normal.

Murasaki Baby has no release date just yet, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it; weird games are the best kind of games!






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