More juicy Walking Dead: The Game info plus a teaser trailer

Telltale Games has revealed today that their new 5 part adventure game The Walking Dead will be on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live arcade, PC, IOS, and Mac. The first episode is set for release in April with the rest to be released “regularly.” The episodes will be released with enough space between them to give it a TV drama-type feel. I for one am loving the whole “drama” thing going on with horror games lately. It gives you this whats-going-to-happen-next feeling.

Check out the teaser trailer below, the game is looking quite interesting and I personally am getting more excited about it as more time passes and as more information is released. The trailer also details the time and date for the game play reveal, Monday March 19th at 12:0opm. Be sure to come back on Monday and check out the game play footage or you can check it out on the YouTube page.

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