More Dead Space 3 Co-op details emerge

You might be a little disappointed that Dead Space 3 has co-op.  Traditionally, the horror experience is best left a single-player affair.  But Dead Space 3 will feature co-op.  How does will Visceral ever make this work?

To assuage your fears, Steve Papoutis of Visceral Games revealed in an interview with IGN that, first and foremost, co-op is completely, 100% optional.

Should you choose to play the co-op campaign, the second player will take on the role of John Carver.  Carver is in the single player campaign, however he is not your partner AI should you not choose to play co-op.  If you choose the single player campaign, you will have no partner AI.

Yes, it will be just like the Dead Space we’ve all come to know and love.  Some might feel that this is the route that Resident Evil 5 should have taken with Sheva.  Use her if you need her, but get rid of her if you don’t.

The co-op campaign has special missions, and John Carver’s character comes to life a bit more.  This, Papoutsis said, will give players an extra incentive to go through the game again with a friend.

Papoutsis also stated that the company learned quite a bit from Dead Space 2’s multiplayer mode.  He explained that the company pushed hard to pump out top-quality graphics while simultaneously featuring more than one character onscreen at a time.

Dead Space 3 will not only feature a new (ish) visual style, but will retain some of what made the series such an effective survival horror in the first place.  While it may contain human enemies and a more open planet-based location in some parts, it will also play host to extremely claustrophobic locations, zero-G sections…

And lots of necromorphs.


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  • Kaine

    Hell yes to optional co-op. I hope this puts people at ease a bit.

  • Link_sow

    That is what I’ve been waiting for! Screw co-op, Dead Space is here!

  • Benjamin May

    Co-op should be a fun option, but I’m glad the single-player experience is being left intact.

    And as stated in the article, Capcom might’ve done well to try something like this for Resident Evil 5.

  • Far_Night

    YES! Now I will definitely be getting Dead Space 3. Capcom would be smart to do the same with Resident Evil in the future if Resident Evil 6 doesn’t have that option. I think we’ve already solved the problem with survival horror, it doesn’t really work when you have a partner involved. Isolation brings anxiety, nervousness, and claustrophobia which works almost always.

    Can’t wait for this game!

  • Yes,thats great

  • Grace Saunders

    Despite the fact I haven’t got into this series at all, I love co-op horror games. I think people have a point when they say co-op makes a game less scary, but at the same time, it’s fun doing a campaign alongside friends. The co-op in games like Resident Evil 5 was a bit disappointing, because upgrading weapons cost an arm and a leg, but otherwise it was a great experience.

    • Link_sow

      To be fair, I don’t really like playing with someone else. It is hard enough to make my No Damages while looking for myself, and then boom, I have to keep track of someone else. I can rely on myself, but can I rely on my partner? In some cases, maybe, but usally we most watch out for them, what isn’t very interesting…

      But, if playing with someone skilled it might become an enjoyable experience, but again, I would rather play alone.

  • Grace Saunders

    Well Link_sow, the AI of Sheva in RE5 was garbage, so maybe the makers of Dead Space 3 will take that into account so you can depend on your partner(s) to help you better.

  • mark

    Between this and resident evil 6 dead space 3 will take home the price in the horror department while re 6 be a winer in the action side but still with capcom changeing the style of re with there over the sholder u ,co op & stand still and aim and shot dead space took that and perfected it the way it shoud have been done they both good but dead space is making a hell of a start i can see them passing over re if they can just follow the way ea is doing it then it wont get so much hate but thats just my thoughts on it tho


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