Latest Famitsu reveals Resident Evil creators new Survival Horror project “Zwei”

While the Capcom announcement we’ve been waiting for was aimed at “Airรป de Puzzle“, this weeks’ Famitsu issue also revealed the existence of Resident Evil creator Sinji Mikami’s new Survival Horror game project entitled “Zwei”.

The game apparently is in early production stage at Tango Gameworks and will be published by Bethesda. No other details have been unveiled as of yet.

Who’s excited?


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  • fixed camera angles, tank controls=orgasim

    • TrueAnakin09

      You do realize that those mechanics are outdated and unacceptable in this day and age where immersion is in detailed 3D worlds, and the realistic ability to actually move while shooting is common sense right?

      • MRSCDAVIS13

        trueanakin09, your comment is invalid. corey m. goldberg, I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Simon

          Its not gonna happen. This is the new generation of gaming now, NO CONSUMER (aside from the rare “hardcore survival horrors”) will be willing to buy a game as outdated as to use tank controls, let alone give it an acceptable rating on the gameplay aspect.

          The problem with “oldschool” types of games is that they won’t work in this day and age. They won’t sell as much as they could, the ratings would be too biased and negative, and it wouldn’t be innovative, new, or fresh in good ways. Hell, even Downpour didn’t choose fixed camera angles for the entire game.

          • “rare”? not really. look at most of the RE fanbase. They hate it’s new direction and are the hardcore ones…

          • Nemesis91286


            Resident Evil: Almost always high reviews in the main series, high sales, more fans and evolving genres.

            I wonder which company is more happy about the direction they took hmmm

            I don’t mean to come across as rude but Resident Evil went the right direction with Resident Evil 4 while Silent Hill which has even tried doing what RE4 did and it has been failing for many years.

            Business is business and Capcom hit gold AGAIN with evolving the series. Besides Revelations was a great survival horror and Capcom are dishing us more of that with Leon’s scenario for RE6.

            Would I like a complete survival horror in my RE? hell yea sure but I don’t mind the action parts I even think RE6 will benefit from it’s multiple styles. Going into China with my squad as Chris Redfield to stop the mutating C-Virus beasts sounds mighty fine to me.

          • meh. Capcom is just putting out empty promises though. The only real scary games these days are Dead Space and Amnesia…I loved re4 and hated re5. I hope re6 is like re4….

          • windice

            i dont think amnesia is that scarey cus the monsters just look funny to me and maybe cus im a pervert.

          • ok you have issues. Amnesia is a scary game…OO

          • TrueAnakin09

            When you say “most of the RE fanbase” are you sure you’re not confusing the mainstream fans with the tremendous minority that is the inhabitants of Rely on Horror. To be honest out of all the sites I frequent, this one has the most malcontents, especially towards the Survival/Horror franchise.

          • the RE fan base is cut in half. Half prefers the older games and half like the newer ones…

          • windice

            you are so wrong. fixed camerae angels rule and give a better sense of horror like i know something gona pop out of there. u wate and then your like oh thank you god you keep walking and bam. i admit the tank controls mite not work but there are ways to change controls in games u know

          • TrueAnakin09

            I disagree and see an over-the-shoulder view to be more intense. Your field of view is much more restricted and you feel up close and personal with the character. As cool as games like Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill are, I just couldn’t feel tense seeing the whole room at once, or feeling less like a participant and more like god directing an avatar like a marionette. Dead Space and RE4, are much more tense and I’m sure a larger part of that is because they opted for the closer camera.

          • TrueAnakin09

            Agreed. For example I have no problem buying older games with those functions and mechanics (realizing that they were the result of technological restrictions rather than adding “horror”) but if a game were to come out today with those mechanics I’d see it as out of place, perhaps even low budget, like it was an indie title. Capcom evolved Resident Evil because they saw this, they even admitted to it.

      • well it’s mikami so it has to be good

  • 123

    zwei? there is an anime that is called zwei, good thing it is a survival horror game
    I dont expect it to be a resident evil game or maybe a new series is being created

    • There’s a number called zwei too! Funny coincidences.

    • Silent Evil

      There is also a game called Zwei! developed by Falcom. I think Shinji’s Zwei is a title placeholder for the time being.

  • TrueAnakin09

    Oh, gee a title. Yeah I’m totally excited over a name… Good grief.

    • Yomoma! Bitch!

      Just get the fuck out of here…lol…You words smell like shit

  • Faceman

    Zwei is german for the numba “2” could this be a survival horror sequel or a remake of Re2!! At any rate…Bethesda….for better or worse, expect bugs

    • You say that like Bethesda is personally developing it.

      • Wolfsbane92

        Well Publishing/Developing same difference

  • Me!

  • Malignvs

    Another survival horror? Bring it on! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tvirusgtz

    Do want.
    The concept art looks amazing!

  • PerplexedShadows

    YEAH! I hope Mr. Mikami’s new game really delivers on the survival horror aspect! Resident Evil 6 can belong to all them shooter fans, as long as we have this to look to for REAL survival horror, although I’m aware that the article only stated “survival horror elements”

  • Ariessiren

    shinji is amazing. he just knows what horror is. i cant wait


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