Last of Us looks like horror, has monsters and Ellen Page

The trailer for The Last of Us has just been revealed. The highly mysterious title is being developed by Naughty Dog of Uncharted fame, and will include monsters, an old man who looks a lot like Nathan Drake, and a young girl who looks like Ellen Page.

The graphics look very similar to Uncharted but the game appears to be set in a city in which the land has reclaimed. Not much is explained, but it looks like that killer fungus has jumped to humans to create a fungal infection that turns humans into monsters with prolapsed anus (don’t Google that) faces.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information, but check out the trailer below and our analysis of the trailer later on.

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  • StuntmanSnake

    Anyone else think that the male protagonist’s voice sounds like Troy Baker?

  • Ryan

    Naughty Dog + Zombies = WIN
    this is gunna be amazing!

  • Zack Furniss

    @Stuntman Snake

    Yeah, I’m almost positive it’s him.

  • Elyssa

    Damn you CJ, why did you have to say “don’t Google that”. Of course I had to Google it then! Although that was completely disgusting, the trailer & information about this game definitely still has my interest.

  • As much as I wanna Google it…. I’m not lol hope this game is two players coop w little ammo, just trying to survive etc

  • mike

    i really hope this is a return to horror. true survival horror is rare nowadays. the lead designer of ninja theory is also working on this and troy baker is the lead so im VERY excited. the game looks great as it is but when i heard its a survival horror, i was so happy. with silent hill downpour, amy and this, looks like horror is making a comeback. thank god for talented developers like naughty dog!!

  • Nekroido

    I think I’m going to buy PS3.

  • Henrik

    I read about this one here in the past it interested me alot.

    But for some reason missed out it was naughty dog that did this and those guys has not disappointed me yet.

    Loved the trailer and though I know its probably a early one and changes might come.

    I hope they keep the look of what seems to be the protaganists.

    As CJ said I love the look of this older “Nathan” and Ellen paige chick.

    I think ND loves to lend faces from real people anyway,Helen Mirren chick in Uncharted 3 as example.

  • Harry Mason

    The fungus in the teaser trailer is called Cordyceps ( So I guess they’re saying it has evolved to affect humans?

  • AndrĂ© B.

    this is the voice cast:

    Joel – Troy Baker

    Ellie – Ashley Johnson

  • Lex

    Has a fan of Uncharted & Naughty Dog I’m looking forward to this.

  • Henrik

    Though we know its not Ellen’s voice it sounded a bit like her.

    We can always use our imagination I guess:)

    I like Ellen, Juno in all honor but I loved her more in The Tracy Fragments and Super movie.

    By the way as mentioned here before as ND loves modell actors after real people.

    Who is Joel modelled off?

    I thought he looked like an older beared Nathan but if he was modelled after a real human then who would it be?

    I wonder if we will meet more survivors, guess so but all might not be friendly as they too want to survive the infected ones.

  • Bonen

    I am now excited for this game.
    *pondering on getting a PS3*


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