Gamescom 2014: Kojima speaks on Silent Hills’ “Plural Scariness”


It’s no secret now that Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame is in some proximity behind the newest entry of the Silent Hill series, “Silent Hills.” From Gamescom, Kojima hosted an hour-long panel primarily focusing on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. However, towards the end he shared a few choice words about P.T., aka Silent Hills.

Of note, the extra ‘S’ at the end of Silent Hills apparently is supposed to stand for “Plural Scariness,”. One of the big goals for Silent Hills is to make it, “pants-shitting scary.” According to Kojima, there are a number of developers that will make a horror game less scary because players may get too scared to continue, never end up finishing, or even play the game again. For Silent Hills, this is more than okay with them and something they actually expect. The team are actively ignoring the ‘scary limit’ and want to make the game as scary as possible. They’re even considering including an extra pair of trousers to come along with the Limited Edition version of the game.


For now, Kojima and the team are being pretty tight-lipped on the game. They’ll talk more about it in the future, and for now insist people play P.T., the Playable Teaser.

Kojima mentions the P.T. was made to be an unknown game entity, one that people couldn’t guess what they were playing or who it was made by, and thought it would be less scary if people knew what the game was before playing it. One of the hardest parts of the project for them was to make the graphics and playability worse for P.T., but they promised that the final product will look much better graphically and play much better. The reasoning for this so what they the game would have the feel of an indie horror game. Something developed by a small team and not a AAA studio.

The final puzzle in P.T. is extremely difficult and was so on purpose to hide the secret reveal; they didn’t expect people to uncover it was a Silent Hill game until a week or so after release. They underestimated players, and it took three or four hours for people to discover the secret, so they must be improving as many guessed Phantom Pain was Metal Gear Solid V right when the teaser was playing.

Metal Gear solid V and Ground Zero was announced to be coming for PC via Steam, which isn’t entirely too surprising because the game’s engine, the Fox Engine (which is also being used for Silent Hills), is able to easily port to PC and was made with the PC as the core platform. This might also highly suggest that Silent Hills may be in the works for PC, but no platforms as of yet have been announced (besides the obvious, PS4).

We’ll bring you more news on Silent Hills as it develops.


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  • Nick Greene

    Can’t wait!

  • Luis

    They’re AAA developers. Their job is to underestimate players.

  • MattS71

    This is the best write up on his quotes today, thank you!!!

  • Gareth McGilvray

    Make the graphics worse? They looked might damn fine to me! Loved it, took a while to finish but got there, cant wait to hear more news as it comes in.

  • The Sullivan

    Why can’t I hold all these hype?

  • Xuchilpaba

    Didn’t quite get what plural scariness is. If you do, would you be kind enough to explain it to me?

    • David M. H.

      They’re Japanese, they comprehend some words differently than we do; but I understand where they’re going with it. Basically, they’re trying to say there will be many extremely scary things in this game. Where we know the word “plural” as in multiple items specified, they are using it to mean the extremity of the scariness.

  • Xander

    Remember folks, Masahiro Ito said he might return to the series if Kojima was on-board. Just sayin’…

  • Andrey Martim

    From a long, long Metal Gear fan here… FUCK YEAH! Kojima is a monster, along Silent Hill… FUCK YEAH!

  • ariessiren

    This is just the best horror news ever. After that god awful downpour game I’m so glad they took over

  • Carl Johnson

    Having played Metal Gear Solid, it is a well known fact that Hideo Kojima is an absolute lunatic and you can’t possibly fathom the horrors that exist within his mind. Gearing those things toward horror instead of campiness could work quite well.

  • Megan Schneider

    Will some Depends diapers come with the game? lol

  • David M. H.

    I can’t believe I’m just seeing this. I would have normally caught something like this almost immediately. I guess it doesn’t help that I just returned from deployment. LOL


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