Joke’s on us: A Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is actually happening

Someone better pick up that phone, cuz I friggin’ called it.

Despite it being the subject of ribbing in an article Rely on Horror posted in the spirit of April Fool’s Day not even a week ago, it would seem that Warner Bros. studios has picked up the rights for a film adaptation of Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s series of horror video games.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, this is actually happening.

According to Cawthon, the film will “[tap] into a largely unexplored niche of horror that a lot of people will be able to relate to.” Cawthon also confirmed that the film will star the same malevolent animatronics that series fans know and love, so anyone who was worried that the film would betray the spirit of the games can rest easy.

Although the film is still seeking a writer and has no director attached to it at the time of writing, executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith assures that he and the other producers are “looking forward to working with Scott to make an insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable movie.”

The FNaF series has produced three fully-fledged games (all of which are available on Steam and iOS) since the launch of the first installment this past summer,  so depending on the film’s release date we could potentially see the release of three games and a movie based on a single series in the course of two years. No matter what your feelings on the series are, that’s pretty damn impressive.


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  • LoveAnimation

    Cool i never expected that this would happen.
    I dont think i have ever seen a horror movie with animatronics before so it will be interesting and something different just like when the first FNAF game came out.
    Slenderman used to be just as popular as Five Nights At Freddys is right now so why did they never make a Slenderman movie?
    Slenderman is a really great, interesting and scary character to me so i really wish he could get a movie too.
    There are many other awesome and really scary horror games that i think deserves movies based on them more than Five Nights at Freddys.
    But FNAF getting a movie is still great of course and im looking forward to see it.

    • Marble Hornets are working on a Slender movie last I heard.

      • LoveAnimation

        I heard that yea but was that not only like a fan made movie on the internet?
        Its a real movie made by a big company that i want Slenderman to get just like Five Nights at Freddys is getting.

  • Zachariah

    Why. Why. Just why. I hatew this so much. I’m going to see it, and I’m going to expect atleast half the theater to be 5-12 year old children.

    Also: “film would betray the spirit of the games” ???? Besides a decent story, the games are literally jumpscare-a-thons??? what spirit could they betray? Honestly this is so stupid.

    And it actually angers me that this gets a movie when Slenderman was way bigger for a longer time and still hasn’t gotten anything thats worth anybodys time besides Marble Hornets.

    Oh, I know why. It’s because Warner Brothers knows that the majority of Fnaf’s popularity is children and are probably going to capitalize on that by making all advertisement for it look less and less “mature”, which is something you cant do with Slenderman.

  • Kerberous

    “The FNaF series has produced three fully-fledged games”

    All of them being in development for less than a month, so you know they’re quality games.

  • Kagato

    This is an odd case. This is a movie that can be done very very well due to it’s simple story and premise, but it can also be butchered terribly. To make it good, they need to not tell us the backstory. They need to do the same thing the games did and show us the backstory via hauntings. Imagine if Mike was on patrol and he entered the arcade and saw the arcade screens playing the FNaF mini-games? Thats how we learned the story and thats how he can learn too.

    There also needs to be more than just jumpscares. Imagine hearing a mechanical scream in the darkness, but nothing is seen yet, and Mike lifts up his flashlight to see Foxy dashing straight at him.

    If they show rather than tell, mix up the scares, and don’t stray too far from the plot, and of course have believable acting, then this can be done very well. But if it’s nothing but a jumpscare fest with bad acting and mashing all the games into a single movie then it’ll be terrible.


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