Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield not in Resident Evil 6

Over on the Resident Evil Facebook page, a lot of fans express their concern about a lot of different things.  In the case of Resident Evil 6, it’s the distinct lack of Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield.  It seems like every other major character is there in some way shape or form, so why not them?

On first blush, I’d thought that I’d seen Jill in one of the earlier trailers.  It was actually just a police officer zombie chowing down on some tasty arm.  It was a blur of colours, and I didn’t give it much thought to look through it again and painstakingly slow it down again to verify.  My bad.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of Resident Evil 6 sent a loving message to Resident Evil 6 fans from the Facebook page addressing Claire and Jill’s absence from Resident Evil 6.

We’ve heard a lot of love for Jill and Claire recently and people asking if they’ll be in the next Resident Evil.  There are many other great characters in Resident Evil 6, and we still have some very exciting character information to reveal in addition to what’s already been announced.  Until then, you can look forward to seeing how Chris, Leon, Sherry, Piers, Helene and Jake (Wesker Jr) take care of things as terror goes global.

Gee Capcom, what other exciting character revelations can there be?  You’ve already spilled the beans that the mysterious stranger was Wesker’s offspring.  I don’t think my mind can take much more of these pre-release revelations.

It’s Barry, isn’t it?

…it’s never Barry.


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  • Res Fan

    Jill is dead. And claire is a rescuer now. If you watch degeneration.. and played other storyline of resident evil besides ps2 and ps3 and pc. You will know why jill and claire is not on res 6.

  • Catherine

    Lol, it’s never Barry. Yeah, I’m kinda pissed about Claire not being in it..yet they created new, partners….I only play co-op because I’m terrible alone and don’t find it as fun, so of course, i get to be the shitty partners..Piers and Helena – who the hell are they? Why make new partners when you have perfectly amazing old characters to use. I would have loved to be Claire..I don’t really care about Jill so much since she technically was in RE:5, though you didn’t get to play as her..still, I miss Claire. T^T AND BARRY. I thought he died though hah.

  • 🙁

  • Pretty sure Claire doesn’t fight anymore but I’d be nice to see her get caught up with something having to fend herself again but re6 did the whole doomsday senario and since revelations was pretty much a spin off for re5 there might be a pretty sweet chance for a spin off of re6 for the 3ds or vita but who knows all we can do is fantasize about it but it’ll all up to the creator and what they want to do with it

  • i swear to god Witohut Jill is RE Boring Chris Leon Jill and Claire are the Main Major Chars and they Should be the fucking MAIN chars, No one Else, they Are in RE since Resident Evil 1 for Playstation, Jill and Chris are Resident Evil. Not only The zeds Jill and Chris are.

  • Jonvi Sanchez

    i think there’s a rumor going around that says claire will be in an re6 dlc. i’m not too sure about this tho. still, it would be nice to have them around 😀

  • Ghazal Mf

    I want to see Jill and Carlos again I think it would be interesting if they meet up again and of course without Leon and Chris I’m sick of these two showing up…I like Claire too but I don’t think it would be a good idea to put her in again when she’s not even a member of some organization or smthing so the main story would be ruined.
    I want Jill more than any other character…and WITHOUT Chris of course…I want Jill to appear with someone else
    That’s how I feel

  • Wolf

    Ive been wondering.. Wat happened to rebecca chambers, barry, and claire redfield?

  • Dameion Reid

    Barry is dead why do people keep asking for him?

  • Ghost

    All the characters are amazing Leon, Chris, Ada, sherry, all the real main characters that have been there from the beginning to the end. The next resident evil should include everyone Leon , Chris , Jill , Claire , Ada , sherry even Barry and Rebecca and to all those Leon and Chris haters out there Fuck you guys they might just be in a game but they better men than anyone of you could ever hope to be

  • TOnytouch

    Helena was the best character