Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield not in Resident Evil 6

Over on the Resident Evil Facebook page, a lot of fans express their concern about a lot of different things.  In the case of Resident Evil 6, it’s the distinct lack of Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield.  It seems like every other major character is there in some way shape or form, so why not them?

On first blush, I’d thought that I’d seen Jill in one of the earlier trailers.  It was actually just a police officer zombie chowing down on some tasty arm.  It was a blur of colours, and I didn’t give it much thought to look through it again and painstakingly slow it down again to verify.  My bad.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of Resident Evil 6 sent a loving message to Resident Evil 6 fans from the Facebook page addressing Claire and Jill’s absence from Resident Evil 6.

We’ve heard a lot of love for Jill and Claire recently and people asking if they’ll be in the next Resident Evil.  There are many other great characters in Resident Evil 6, and we still have some very exciting character information to reveal in addition to what’s already been announced.  Until then, you can look forward to seeing how Chris, Leon, Sherry, Piers, Helene and Jake (Wesker Jr) take care of things as terror goes global.

Gee Capcom, what other exciting character revelations can there be?  You’ve already spilled the beans that the mysterious stranger was Wesker’s offspring.  I don’t think my mind can take much more of these pre-release revelations.

It’s Barry, isn’t it?

…it’s never Barry.


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  • DarkXAce

    I hope Barry and Claire return.. especially Barry.. Barry da man!
    But on the contrary to your article title, they did not state they wouldn’t return…??

    • Fecal Sandwich

      You know what? I originally said I wanted none of the original characters to be in any more sequels, but I take that back – I’d like to see Barry in another game. There’s more of a story to be told about him and what he’s been doing with his time during the off-season between RE1-5.

      You’re also right, they confirmed nothing about Jill or Claire with that statement. If their intentions were to confirm that Claire or Jill were excluded, they would’ve said “They’re not in the game at all”.

    • Ghost

      Yeah that would be cool but mostly Claire cuz Barry isn’t that important don’t get me wrong Barry is a beast but Claire just fits in the story better

  • Barry and Claire, in co-op… that would be something great. Lets see how 6 turns out, i’m guessing it will not be the end of franchise. Still plenty oportunities to get those two in one game.

  • Rogerscameron

    Chris and jill need to go away for a long time. There the most used. Why not use new characters or characters who are missing like rebecca?

    • Wyrmking

      The games started with them. They’re the original main characters. Plus I hate Leon fanboys, they’re so annoying. So the less I see of Leon, the better.

      • TrueAnakin09

        Well, I guess it just sucks to be you then doesn’t it?

        • Wyrmking

          Why does it suck for me? Oh, because Leon is in this one game? Unlike you Leon fanboys, I don’t mind if Leon is in the game, I only hate him because Leon fanboys are a bunch of rabid idiots.

          • Jawmuncher

            Can’t disagree there.
            leon fanboys are part of the reason I stopped posting on the Re6 gamefaqs board.

          • Retard

            Fucking asshole, you Chris fan whine more than Leon fanboys, fuckign retards

          • Ghost

            Don’t hate Leon because of his fans I mean ya some fans are idiots but Leon’s still a beast

      • ShadowOne333

        It doesn’t matter if the series started with Jill and Chris, enough is enough and I am tired of Chris being in most of the RE so far.

        Let’s count:
        RE1, Remake, CV, UC, DC and RE 2 (Yeah, he was there in RE 2 Battle Mode), RE 5, Survivor 2, Revelations, Mercenaries 3D and yet you’ll see him in RE 6.

        Compare that with the few appearances of Leon:
        RE 2, ORC, RE 4, DC, the 2 CGI movies (even though Damnation is still in development), and finally RE 6.

        I’m sick of the “new” Chris from RE 5 and the whole hype with that damn game (which wasn’t even good IMO)

        Jill & Claire do have a fanbase, but comparing it with Leon and Chris is quite debatable, and not even talk about the rest of the characters… Miserable fanbase (although Barry and Becca are the most famous ones of the forgotten bunch)

        You have to see this from Capcom’s point of view, which is only $$$.

        Anyway, Chris should’ve fucking died along with Wesker, most preferably Chris instead of Wesker.

        Yeah I am a Leon fanboy, but I know when a character is being overused and you can’t argue with the fact that Chris has been the most used in the entire franchise, with Jill being the second one (SHE IS, confirm it if you want) and Leon the third one.

        And to the poster, Jill was in Revelations and had a mayor role, she had the spotlight recently, as for Claire, I agree she is missing since Degeneration in the timeline of the franchise, I would like to see her again in action.

        • Wyrmking

          Who gives a shit if Chris is overused? He’s still one of the two original protagonists of the series. Just because you like Leon better doesn’t mean Chris should be killed you stupid, idiotic piece of shit.

          • troll

            Did u know Chris isn’t real, have u thought about a therapist for your anger

          • so, people can get attached to characters of novels, movies, games, etc. im not saying he’s obsessed w chris but he doesnt need therapy

          • Ghost

            Fuck you asshole at least we can all be passionate about something other than this shit world we live In today

          • Ghost

            You right man but still you gotta like both Leon and Chris cuz I fucken love them both bro

        • Ghost

          Just shut the fuck up both Leon and Chris rock for fuck sakes they are resident evil man so deal with it

      • Fecal Sandwich

        I think all of them need to go away. You immediately think this guy is a “Leon fanboy” but he said nothing about Leon. What the hell is the matter with you?

        • Gungravesweeper

          Shadow One 333 did admit he was a leon fanboy. Just read his first sentence in his 8th paragraph. What’s a matter with you? jk

      • Retard

        are you a fucking retard or what ??, you hate Leon fan boys more then Chris Fanboys, even tough they whine and want him in all the fucking games, compared to Leon that really like that he got to shine in re4 praised as almost the best re game ever, and you chris fan boys whine that he was ine re5, the worst re game ever , yet Chris are in like 5 more games compared to Leon, asshole

      • Ghost

        Screw you man both Leon and Chris are awesome so just shut up

    • Ghost

      They most used cuz you can’t have a resident evil game without them or Leon or Ada

  • Jon

    Maybe they’ll return in DLC episodes, or Resident Evil 7. At least I hope the reference them, such as Chris is asked “how’s Jill” by his partner or Sherry talks about meeting up with Claire, or something like that.

    • Jawmuncher

      I hoping for the same thing as well.
      Even just little hint’s at what character’s are up to would be nice.

      I know a lot of people don’t like sheva but i’ll use her as an example anyway.
      Later in the game Chris’ partner could bring up, what ever happened to your old partner. Something just as simple as she quit the BSAA and went to work on Cures for these outbreaks.

      Stuff like that I wouldn’t mind at least let us know something about all these characters rather than just acting like they never existed.

      • Ghost

        I’ve got a very similar thought

    • agreed

  • TrueAnakin09

    I kind of already figured this out. They already have six major characters, three of which are returns so the likelihood of them adding more all-stars, as awesome as Jill and Claire are, is miniscule. Unless of course there is… DLC…!

  • Rubendandrea87

    but they didnt say a NO! they wont appear..

  • Hanaksa

    Actually I dont like claire neither Jill, so 6 will be great for me as long as there is Ada

    • ada is a whore!

      • Zachary Durrett

        your a fucking skunk

  • Chatm

    They chose the two character I’m most tired of, Leon and Chris. And the whole ‘many other great characters’ thing sets me off, they’re just making up new characters to fill the same roles. Wesker jr = Albert Wesker, Leon’s partner to fill in Sheva, ect. Barry would have been an interesting character study, considering his family orientation and being used during the mansion incident. Rebecca might be interesting to show, if she actually went anywhere or evolved emotionally since the first RE. I guess it’s starting to feel old.

  • Claire has not had her own Resident Evil game since Code :Veronica. They seriously need to make a Resident Evil game with Claire as the main player.

    • Yami-light

      Because being in Terra save is not enough? She’s not made for action, besides her plot always depends on finding Chris…and he’s not missing…
      Yeah….she’s a pacifist, she’s not gonna go in guns blazing

      • BlehGirl

        So? She’s Claire Red field, shit happens and she needs a new game. Yeah, Terra save rocks and all but it Claire and if Chris and Leon get this much action, she should get a little more

        • Ghazal Mf

          It will be super awkward if Claire will be the main character!cause she’s not in any of those Bsaa or something like that…I love Claire but if they announce that she will be in next RE then I will get worried about whole original story line

    • Zachary Durrett

      that is true what if they made another resident evil with just the girls kick ass helena ava ashley jill sheva claire

  • Paul Smith

    But how can U have Leon and esp Chris without Claire & Jill?It just doesn’t make sense.I would of Preferred Leon and Claire be teaming up

    • Fecal Sandwich

      Hi! I’m Resident Evil 4! We must not have met, because 100% of my plot involves Leon and doesn’t involve Claire what-so-ever! Nice to meet you!

      • BlehGirl

        Stop being a jack ass would you?

      • lol

    • i agree. wasn’t Jill Chris’ partner for awhile? wasn’t the only reason chris had only sheva as his partner because Jill went missing? they better explain in game why certain shit happened and why the classic pairs are no longer paired.

  • Zaniack

    I think Resident Evil 7 should have Claire and Jill and maybe Barry, Rebecca and others to return

    • Fecal Sandwich

      I think if there is a Resident Evil 7, it shouldn’t involve any of the past characters. It should be new characters. These people are no longer survivors of an outbreak or dangerous situation…they’ve evolved into unkillable super heroes, and that’s just boring.

      • I think they’re just prolonging the franchise by keeping all these main characters alive. hell, ive been hearing shit from people that the reason for chris’ booze problem in re6 is that Jill may have died. She is my favorite character of resident evil so if they kill her off, i wont enjoy the games as much. See? its possible they would rather keep people interested in the games by keeping their favorite characters in then by keeping the game realistic.

        its boring to you because it would be more realistic and suspenseful to kill off at least one of these main characters. they are only human, and they’ve faced multiple hordes of zoms on many different occasions. so how is it possible that they each survived unscathed? i dont know, im just talking out of my ass. i dont know much about this shit. i just want more jill.

  • Jawmuncher

    Capcom’s biggest problem is that they love to make new characers, while still leaving the ones we all know and love in the dark.

    just think about it we have a ton of characters who we currently don’t know exactly what they’re doing.
    Sheva, Barry, Billy, Josh, Rebecca, Carlos, Hunk, and numerous others.

    It’s expected though with the largeness of the franchise but all I know is that if the series ends up wrapping up sometime soon. We need to have a character rodeo sort of like what we saw in MGS4. I’m not saying everyone should be a main plot essential character but we should know what they have been up to before it all ends.

    • I’m inclined to disagree. Some characters I do want to know the fate of, but I also think new blood is good as all of these beloved characters started off as nobodies. I also will say this game is in fact delving more into characters we haven’t heard from in years, such as Sherry and more into Ada. If they threw everyone in then it’d just feel like cluttered fan service for the sake of it. Characters need a coherent background to make sense to be in the situation of things. Besides, there’s still characters and a lot of story of RE6 we don’t know as well as an upcoming CG movies that looks to maybe feature Billy and possibly Rebecca. Also Sheva’s story wa pretty much resolved in RE5 and she literally was in the last main game. I don’t think she’s a big enigma or anything right now and while I don’t mind her appearing it’s not like she has been absent for a long while or anything.

      • Swcloud99

        Cluttered fan service is exactly what MGS4 was. I completely agree with you.

      • true, true. plus, Sheva was chosen to be Chris’s partner because they were in Africa and he needed her to communicate w the locals. She didnt know she would end up helping Chris find Jill AND fight Wesker. her character could be done w already. i say it doesnt matter wether or not they show her again.

  • Jawmuncher

    Also I hope there are still some surprises in store.
    Imagine if for example krauser pops up at the end of the game(just an example) how cool would that be? Since even with Ada’s Story it’s still possible that he lived.

    I’m not asking for that specifically but a character popping up in the game that no one had any idea of would be pretty awesome. What if Wesker’s Sons Mom is someone we know (not ada) that would be interesting.

    • what if, while wesker took turned Jill into super wonderwoman ninja Jill in re5, he took some of her DNA and some of his, and made jake! o.O
      Maybe thats why he says, “you will give me an egg!” lol

  • Guest

    They don’t actually seem to be saying that Jill and Claire aren’t in, though. Don’t rule them out yet. In addition, I’d point out that even if they don’t appear, they might well be mentioned.

  • Ali

    I’m more interested in the ‘talkative horror’ aspect, let’s face it, RE isnt known for its extensive dialogue so it would be very interesting to see characters interact quite alot!

  • Fecal Sandwich

    They made no official announcement saying that Jill and Claire WON’T be in Resident Evil 6. Please stop playing with your Jump-to-Conclusions mat and try to actually confirm things before you go writing about them.

  • liam

    the title says they wont be in the game but he doesnt actually say they wont be in the game I think you should change the titile or at least put a question mark infront of it.

  • Guest

    I want to see Jill b/c she wasn’t a main protagonist in RE5. Claire would also be nice to see b/c she obviously hasn’t been seen in a long time. But Billy, Barry, and Hunk shouldn’t be here. Billy is a nintendo-exclusive and being put into a multi-platform game would be dumb b/c ppl will miss out on his character info. Barry is too old for this… Hunk should be kept out b/c his character is unique. We really don’t know much about him, so that’s cool. Oh, and Rebecca definitely has to be put in RE7 or a cameo appearance in this one. I have faith most of these will be in Mercenaries mode though. Gonna keep my hopes up 🙂

    • Mongroid

      You need to shut up. You should never speak again. Nothing you say makes sense. I hate you just from reading this.

  • Like I said on the Facebook page, Claire is my favorite character, but I don’t want her to be shoehorned into this already busy plot. There WILL be a Resident Evil 7. Maybe she can pop up then, or even star in it. I don’t need to see her in the game to know she’s involved somehow and doing stuff. I’d rather see her in another game where some of the foreshadowing about Steve comes back. That would make sense.

    • racoonboy

      i dont think there will be a re7 capcom might make another game bu i think its a new series (still unknown) if you would notice the series is running out of plots since the very cure of the virus is at theyre hands reach(jakes blood) he even said he’ll give his blood aslong as he gets money for his mom.well we still dont know what will happen but i doubt in my opinion there will be a sequel

  • Munzmunozi

    They didn’t say no, necessarily. They sort of danced around the question and tried to divert the question away as quickly as possible. So I’d be willing to bet on at least ONE of the two making some sort of cameo towards the end or something.

  • I think I know why Jill and Claire will not be appearing for one Claire will be having her own game called Downfall(Rumoured) which she see’s the downfall of humanity and my guess is Downfall either happens before damnation like weeks before Damnation or in between and as for Jill Valentine she possibly could making an apperance in Damnation and some thing terrible could happen but I’m hoping it doesn’t. Well that’s how I see it

    • Candy-Rain

      I just watched Damnation an hour ago. She’s not there… The only two characters that we’re all familiar with would be Leon and Hunnigan. That’s it… –_–

  • windice

    chris is kinda getting on my nerves. they need to bring back clair and possibly rebbeca billy and berry. and i think the only character they havent actually shown yet is ada all tho they said she will be in the game and that girl looks and sounds like her.

  • windice

    also were is carlos

  • That’s it. I’m not buying this.

  • WHYYYYYY JILLLLLL WHYYYYYYY?!!!!?!!!?!?!??!!!!!???!??!???!.

  • SchfigglesSchfittsStein

    They need to leave Chris and Leon be for a loooong time…I think it’s long over due that Tofu takes a stand!

  • Valkyrie

    I think it’s safe to say that RE6 is pretty full, character wise.
    and that’s okay, maybe Capcom just needs to tie up some loose ends with RE6 and then they can get some fresh ideas started for RE7.

    I think that Capcom is still wound up over the events of RE5, they keep making prequels or remakes and they just need to make the next game to tie everything together and help the story progress.

    I don’t know if Barry or Rebecca will ever come back, but I do agree that their involvement has been left VERY open-ended. at the very least, Capcom could just mention what happened to them after the demise of Raccoon City.
    (although, I’m sensing that they may be keeping them on hold for future games)

    I’m not going to take sides, I like all the characters equally.
    but I worry that RE6 will be the final curtain for some major characters and I just don’t want it to end-it seems rushed and poorly thought out.

    furthermore, there is still the plot from Revelations…

    what happened with Raymond, Parker, Keith, Quint, and Jessica?
    whatever became of the T-Abyss Virus..?

    that’s a whole other plotline that ISN’T being explored, and that’s a red flag right there.

    • Swcloud99

      Revelations was a spin-off, I highly doubt that the characters from that game will ever have anything to do with a main numbered entry in the series.
      Hell, while playing I wondered why the hell Jill and Chris were even in it. they had nothing to do with the story. It was all about those new characters.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if at one point in the future, we got a sequel to Revelations featuring the T-abyss and all those new characters.

      • doogleflobbly

        because it was the newly found BSAA that jill and chris were co-heads of… thats why they were involved…

  • Davis22

    Chris and Leon being two of my favorites characters, I don’t mind seeing them again. Plus, we never saw them actually interact with one another, yet in the trailer we can see that they do know each other. And I’ve been wondering about Sherry since RE2, so yeah I am happy to see her again. Plus, this Jake guy looks great. So we’ll see. But I’ll admit it’s weird seeing Chris without Jill. And I don’t get why some people complain about them. They’re the originals character of the very first game. Of course they’ll be the most used.
    But I am disappointed about Claire’s absence. I was looking forward to a Chris/Claire reunion or a Sherry/Leon/Claire reunion. I agree that she’s more peaceful than her brother or Leon, but she did prove time and time again that she could kick some ass easily if she wanted to. (We got, like, one scene of her being all badass in Degeneration, all the action moves was given to Leon and Angela.:-( ) In my mind, I kind of see Chris training her whenever he has the chance to.
    It would have been interesting to have an Ada vs Claire (we could see in the Darkside Chronicles that those two couldn’t stand one another. Or at least Claire didn’t like Ava)
    But this game looks great anyway, so we’ll see 🙂 And I can’t wait to see Chris’ reaction when he learns that Jake’s father is Wesker.

    • Swcloud99

      “Does he know that Wesker’s my dad?”
      Best line ever.

    • racoonboy

      on the part where they were attacking a giant creature they met and chris ask jake that if did they met before then jake said a funny sarcasm

  • Wesker in a Tube

    Well dam then i’ll be the next Wesker clone so Jill and Claire spawn again to kill me >:( dam you capcorn

  • Dee

    Ugh…Helena who? She just looks boring,uninspired and not very appealing overall. Why waste a spot like that when it could’ve been one of the 2 iconic ladies (Claire/Jill)? I mean they managed the put the 2 iconic male protagonists together,why not raise the epicness to an even higher level…
    I’m really upset about this,especially for Claire…despite being so popular she hasn’t had a fair treatment from Capcom at all. Since Code Veronica she’s only been in remakes,spin-offs :/

    • agreed. they had better explain why they did it the way they did and removed the two awesome women

    • to be fair, Code VERONICA was one of the best EVILS but yes it’s been 12 years since that game came out…now idk how RE6 plays out but Im gonna assume RE7 will have two female leads (Jill & Claire) and you know Barry will be in that $H!T

    • fdjhvd

      helena is a new character because she works with leon (building wise)
      claire works for social services an jills busy bieng an awesome girl somewere else…

  • Unkown member

    Claire Redfield was at least in Operation Racoon city, but to think that they’ll put Jill and Claire in this game as well. Just to get all the fans excited for the game. But instead but Ada Wong it it as well… I miss you Claire Q_Q

  • Apollo

    so i see a lot of nagging about Leon this and Chris that. i just want to say one little thing on that subject. they are going to have to start putting these guys on the bench soon. chris is like 40 now and still fighting zombies, tyrants and anything else he finds (giant rocks) leon is not far behind. i do think people like rebecca and claire are being overlooked and i would gladly welcome a new claire focused RE. (2 and CV are still my faves) but in the long run bringing in sherry again is brilliant since its a tie in to an older game but its a younger character they can get a few more games out of. the original characters are going to have to start being seen in like advisory rolls or something since they are getting older. (ps berry was born in 1960 do the math)
    its gunna take some real creative thinking to keep things going strong after this much time
    (also just want to say thank God they FINALLY brought back good old fashioned zombies!, now all i need to die happy is a remake of 1,2,3)

  • Claire0813

    ok. i think chris and jill r sooooo over used. im glad jill isnt in re6, but wat happened 2 sheva?

    • sheva wasnt a main character so it doesnt matter. she was primarily teamed w chris to be a translator, a guide, and to help suppress any problems from the locals.

      • Doogleflobblybob

        and fill in for jill, she was a temp

  • DMS7DX

    OK check this out… A Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield RE7 with Barry and Rebecca. The Terra Save HQ has an outbreak due to events of RE6. In an extra cutscene Chris asks Jill to protect his sister..and…you know what, fk it. Im just going to watch the next movie…god its late.

  • Hookaonthestreet

    I think they need to bring back Excella Gionne, she had some big bazookas!!! I can def see her taking down any boss and saying something like “my milk shakes bring all the zombies to the yard!”

    They should also bring back jill and have her apologize for being stuipd in RE5. I can imagine her saying this “so sorry you guys, I was so wasted…I’m back and I’m the real slim shady!”

    Leon and chris need to fight eachother cuz leon had sex with claire and chris had sex with ada.

    I also think that rebecca is the woman in the blue dress. She’s pissed off at leon and chris for being in more games then her plus she’s on her period.

    sheva is dead. She choked on freedom while entering the united states. =(

  • Jackson

    I love Jill I mean every game she’s been in involves Chris so y can’t Jill be in every game Chris is in?

  • Jackson

    Also. Maybe Jill and Claire should have there own game.. Let Leon and Chris be the back up characters

  • wolfy

    looking forward re6 to come out :)…read alot people comments about they views with the charters if they ever make re7 sted of chris,jill,claire,leon iven tho like them from all the other res games why cant we play as barry or adi or ashley for main charters wen they make re7 :/

  • Ehh….Idk. Im still liking where RE6 is going, but the lack of Jill and Claire, especially Jill, is really not a comfortable thought to have. This game is where all shit is about to break loose and go to hell in a hand basket, and~ where the hell is Jill in all of this? I thought she would be the first to be on this situation like a bad habit. Since you know, Jill and Chris has been manipulated by Wesker like…how many times? Claire….she needs more screen time. She’s a character worth looking into. Worth exploring more. Hopefully, Capcom’s tip-toeing around this questions means they are in the game, they just don’t want to spill the beans yet (although the game is close to its release date >_>).

  • mikey

    ok im just wondering where a few people are when all this shit breaks down in the game like hmm sheva,barry,rebecca,clarie,jill, and yeah im gonna say this but ashley from re4 why you wonder becuase shes the presidents daughter and leon kinda shoots him in the head so where are these people?! and im also wondering what happened to a man called alex wesker

  • Jay Sharp

    RE5 is this worst RE game to come out I hate what they did to Jill and the movies suck also…RE6 will probably be another let down

  • If there is going to be a Resident evil 7 which is too many for my test lol. I think the whole 4 character stories you can play as is brillant and new for RE 6 but in 7 I want to see personally Billy somehow meets up with Rebecca and the two of them get caught in disaster again. Second I think it would be brillaint to see Jake and claire meet up and have to survive with each other and wrk together. Third Piers nivans as being a captain for the Bsaa and having Ashley graham as his partner working fo the Bsaa. I still wanna see the T veronica virus back more time since know one knows what the hell happened to Steve burnsides body after wesker took him. I also would like to see a final wrap up with seeing G spreaded across a state or country where all these characters you get to play as has deal with this. Im pretty sure RE revelations part 2 will be coming out soon . I also believe Resident evil operation raccoon city part 2 is in the making because depending on what decesions you made as spec ops or uss we were all left with an empty but wide open ending am I right? of course I right dammit. So no matter what any of us say Capcom will still make more Re games because it will sell and make them richer and make us fans happier someway.

  • i was reading lot of the comment and u guys like to now if Claire was going be in it well the voice actor who plays Claire twitter saying she was not in it same with Ashley. but the voice actor of Jill, Rebecca, Barry, Steve or Shiva said they were not in it!!!! if u want find out twitter them voice actor for RE games and ask if they are in game that how i know Ashely and Claire are not in RE6

  • boda taman

    hello Resident Evil 6 I love <3 Pc download pc I neeed 🙁

  • boda taman

    hello Resident Evil 6 I love <3 Pc download PC how name plseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i neeeed 🙁 PC

  • sean newman

    I think instead of Helena they should of had Claire and instead of piers they should of had jill :

    • Piers was the best partner that Chris ever had in history, I’m glad he existed in RE:6 and he also gave Chris a reason to continue being the BSAA Bad Ass we all know and love. So sorry, Piers is needed xD

  • Foghorn

    Seriously, I want to know what happens to Jill? Did she quit? Did she die later?

  • Chomps

    It really never is Barry. Or Rebecca, or Billy…
    I miss Billy…

  • Garlygunto

    honestly making a game with clair as the main playable character is stupid. clair isnt a fighter, she said so herself, she wants to help victims of the virus’s and help in other ways, havent you seen RE degeneration, she should be in future games as a main character, just not the main hero, as for jill i wanted her to be in RE 6 more then anyone but it makes sense she’s not in it, maybe she’s resting and recovering form the events of resident 5, her body was experimented on after all. she needs to rest and recover take a vacation.

  • Leon ochoa

    Here are the main resident evil main characters first Leon Chris Jill Claire maby sherry n I think Helena is going to be one to idk

  • Res Fan

    Jill is dead. And claire is a rescuer now. If you watch degeneration.. and played other storyline of resident evil besides ps2 and ps3 and pc. You will know why jill and claire is not on res 6.

  • Catherine

    Lol, it’s never Barry. Yeah, I’m kinda pissed about Claire not being in it..yet they created new, partners….I only play co-op because I’m terrible alone and don’t find it as fun, so of course, i get to be the shitty partners..Piers and Helena – who the hell are they? Why make new partners when you have perfectly amazing old characters to use. I would have loved to be Claire..I don’t really care about Jill so much since she technically was in RE:5, though you didn’t get to play as her..still, I miss Claire. T^T AND BARRY. I thought he died though hah.

  • 🙁

  • Pretty sure Claire doesn’t fight anymore but I’d be nice to see her get caught up with something having to fend herself again but re6 did the whole doomsday senario and since revelations was pretty much a spin off for re5 there might be a pretty sweet chance for a spin off of re6 for the 3ds or vita but who knows all we can do is fantasize about it but it’ll all up to the creator and what they want to do with it

  • i swear to god Witohut Jill is RE Boring Chris Leon Jill and Claire are the Main Major Chars and they Should be the fucking MAIN chars, No one Else, they Are in RE since Resident Evil 1 for Playstation, Jill and Chris are Resident Evil. Not only The zeds Jill and Chris are.

  • Jonvi Sanchez

    i think there’s a rumor going around that says claire will be in an re6 dlc. i’m not too sure about this tho. still, it would be nice to have them around 😀

  • Ghazal Mf

    I want to see Jill and Carlos again I think it would be interesting if they meet up again and of course without Leon and Chris I’m sick of these two showing up…I like Claire too but I don’t think it would be a good idea to put her in again when she’s not even a member of some organization or smthing so the main story would be ruined.
    I want Jill more than any other character…and WITHOUT Chris of course…I want Jill to appear with someone else
    That’s how I feel

  • Wolf

    Ive been wondering.. Wat happened to rebecca chambers, barry, and claire redfield?

  • Dameion Reid

    Barry is dead why do people keep asking for him?

  • Ghost

    All the characters are amazing Leon, Chris, Ada, sherry, all the real main characters that have been there from the beginning to the end. The next resident evil should include everyone Leon , Chris , Jill , Claire , Ada , sherry even Barry and Rebecca and to all those Leon and Chris haters out there Fuck you guys they might just be in a game but they better men than anyone of you could ever hope to be

  • TOnytouch

    Helena was the best character


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