Jeff Danna released two tracks from Silent Hill: Revelations

Jeff Danna, co-composer along side Akira Yamaoka on Silent Hill: Revelation, has released two tracks from the upcoming film.

“Vincent” Condemned” is an industrial track with string instruments to soften the sound. “A Place of Lost Souls / Promise” is a track that combines Akira’s “Promise” with a slow paced string instrument.

Music is a little difficult to describe as someone who just listens to music and doesn’t know much about the proper vocabulary, but I do know that I’m liking the tracks. “A Place” is a little different but it’s nice and relaxing. I look forward to seeing it in context to an emotional scene in the film.


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  • Koulamatata

    Well, I like them.
    Moreso “A Place of Lost Souls / Promise”. But both are nice.

  • Silent Evil

    Seems okay with only a slight dip into generic film music. Needs more cowbell. That cowbell being Yamaoka, that is.

  • ariessiren

    vincent condemned is awesome. the soundtracks for every game were always great. the games might have not been too good later, but the score always was top notch in the series.

  • Something about A Place of Lost Souls/Promise makes me want to cry. I won’t lie,I’m a big softie…… (it takes a real man to admit it)


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