Indie horror game DreadOut takes to crowdfunding campaign

Ever since Indonesian indie developer Digital Happiness revealed their horror title DreadOut, it has been attracting much attention among survival horror fans. Mostly due to how reminiscent it is of the Fatal Frame series and Asian horror in general.

Well, the game now has an indiegogo page available here, and they’ve raised $22,000+ of their $25,000 goal. There’s less then 35 hours left to go, as of this news post, so if you want help out  Digital Happiness and see that the game gets released soon, act quickly! They’ve got a variety of awesome reward tiers too, I know I’ll be supporting this one. Be sure to check out the developer diary below to see some recent footage of the game, it looks fantastic!


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  • luigiix

    Tried out the demo. I was surprised that even my 10 year old PC could run it relatively good.
    The game’s good, feels like a mix of Fatal frame and Silent Hill Shattered Memories.
    Looks promising, but i would prefer a console version.

    • I agree, I know its even more difficult for them to make it to a PS3 or an Xbox, but I would rather play it in a console version…hope everything goes well, looks awesome!

  • Henrikm

    As one of the Dark One perk Constributor I have gained the oppertunity to create some Ghost Idea keep an eye open for myself and my Haunting Child ghost 😀 in the finished version.

    As I contributed 2500$++ I have gained some further perks one I got to create 2 more ghost(have not decided what yet in this writting moment)
    but hopefully I can come up with some cool idea.
    They emailed I could expect a surprise just for me(and the other Dark one I guess) so yeah as horror starved gamer Iam really looking foward too this one 😀

    • zackfurniss

      How the heck do you have $2500 to drop on a maybe-game?! I wish I had that kind of cash 🙁

    • Holy moly.

  • ariessiren

    If it was for console heck yeah. Pc, no.

    • Nathan Mikel Allingham

      I agree with a console version a pc can be slow and dodgy whilst a console all depends on disk and less installing and internet connections. The looks really good so I hope they do release a console version that would be awesome but I wont hold my breath

  • Henrikm

    Hehe I can handle my economy pretty well probably one of very few good traits of mine 😛

    I rarley buy stuff except the nesscary stuff to survive(food,clothes,horror games 😀 etc etc) when I do use my money its for very expensive stuff but then I also have alot too use.

    2500$ on DreadOut

    221$ on game called Ghost of a Tale those that read the fantasy novels Salamandastron by brian Jacques knows what to expect..
    Both games felt uniqe those I deemed it worthy to spend some money on them.

  • Henrikm

    They actually spoken with people about a possible PS4 version ;D(Got that emailed to me yesterday)
    So if PC is not your cup of tea it still might get a console version.


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