Indie game Paranormal to hit Steam Early Access on September 12th


Paranormal, a new indie horror title slated for release on Steam’s early access on September 12th. From the available footage and screens, Paranormal seem to be inspired by “found footage” films like Paranormal Activity and V/H/S/, as well as horror games like Fatal Frame and Silent Hill 4: The Room. Staring Mattel Clark, an artist who has come to realize his home may be haunted, begins filming the strange occurrences surrounding his house. As the game progresses, the hauntings become more frequent and severe, resulting in a crescendo of horror that Bloody Disgusting and Rock, Paper, Shotgun have both been floored by.

With a focus on dynamic hauntings and events, Paranormal is designed to never play out exactly the same twice. Multiple endings and unique, dynamic events throughout the game help perpetuate the horror, as well as an emphasis on sound design and storytelling.

To be honest, this looks awesome, and I really wish that it was coming out on Mac. We’ll update with more information as it nears release. You can follow the creator, Matthew C Cohen on his Twitter here.


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