IGN reviews Dead Rising 2: 8/10

Reviews for Dead Rising 2 are started to pour through like the zombies in said game. IGN has posted their review for the zombie-infested sequel giving it an 8 out of 10. Here are some excerpts:

The loads could be shorter as they happen every time you change areas, but for the most part everything’s the way you remember it with looking at your watch, the onscreen arrow and so on.

The zombies look good and the amount of clothing options are cool, but the blood can look flat, there are the framerate issues and stiff characters.


Some of the voices are awkward and forced, but the groans of the undead, weapon noises and the cheery mall music mingle together well.

It’s what people loved the first time around (bashing zombie with everyday junk while saving survivors) except it’s a bit more balanced — plus you can combine weapons for max radness.

Lasting Appeal
This is a game that demands to be played over and over again so that you can see the different endings, find all the secrets, max out your level and so much more.

Click here for their full review.

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