Here’s what happens if you delete PT from your PS4

There’s a lot of confusion regarding what happens to PT if you’ve already downloaded it. Well thanks to the folks over at Eurogamer, it’s been confirmed that if you’ve downloaded the game in the past, you can still download it. Yes even though it’s been delisted from PSN, if you’ve downloaded PT in the past you can still download it from your account. Check out the below video for more details.

This pretty much goes for anything on PSN, but it’s nice to have reassurance. It should be stressed though that this only applies to people that downloaded the game previously, if you didn’t before it was removed from the storefront then you’re out of luck.

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  • MattS71

    damn, big risk

  • GEhotpants101 .

    Well, they would have taken that bullet for us if it had been otherwise…

  • danny

    Why fucking delete it in the first place also Konami choke on a bag of dicks, it’s about time.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    i dont have PS4 but i added PT to my PSN account… can i still download it?

  • GEhotpants101 .

    Hey, so, if you try to re-download it on a new PS4 when it’s on your library, apparently you can’t redownload it.

    • GEhotpants101 .

      And now psn just sent me (literally right this second) this message “P.T. has been removed from the PS Store. You may continue to access the game if it has already been downloaded. However, the game cannot be re-downloaded if you choose to delete it from your system.”

      So there we have it. Never delete P.T.


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