Here’s another look at Norman Reedus in Silent Hills (Update: Del Toro Talks Silent Hills)

Konami’s website has updated their P.T. / Silent Hills section recently to reveal a new image of Norman Reedus’ character in the upcoming game. The image isn’t tied to anything new to talk about, but look at that tough-looking dude.

What kind of secrets is he hiding? What has he done to deserve his stay in Silent Hill? And when was the last time he washed his face? Hopefully we find out soon!

Update: A video of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro talking about the inception of P.T. and his collaboration with Hideo Kojima was released last night during Sony’s Pre-TGS conference (starting at 1:02:00). In the video we don’t receive any new details (they’re teased), but we do get to hear what Mr. Del Toro thinks of Kojima’s storytelling skills. It’s worth a watch.


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  • Nordu

    Ran out of gas and stopped at the wrong town?

    • ChatWraithPsi

      If kojima follows the silent hill conventions, the story is secretly spoiled for you about 30 seconds in without you realizing it.

      It’s always guilt, right? Every character in SH has ended up there because they felt regret over losing someone, or letting someone die – not because they did anything bad themselves. Everyone else you meet in purgatory town is usually some kind of sinner.

      • Xuchilpaba

        No it’s not!

        That’s the Hulett’s perception of the silent hill tradition.

      • LoveAnimation

        The story would not be very interesting if the main character was just a normal guy that never did any big terrible things in his life.
        The rest of the story could still be really great but the main character would be kinda boring.
        Was that not how it was like in Silent Hill 4?


          Harry wasn’t guilty of nothing… He was only in the wrong place and time …

        • ChatWraithPsi

          In SH4, henry was just the owner of the apartment, and so he put himself in danger that way. He didn’t really do anything in his life, no.

          The main characters were always “good people” who had something bad happen to them. In homecoming, the main character was just unable to save his brother from drowning, and was intended to be killed by other people since his birth. He never did anything damning.

          3 Has you play as heather, who is a reincarnation of a sacrifice offering. She herself never did anything.

          In 2, the main character mercy-killed his wife, who was dying of a debilitating illness. It could be argued that the killing was bad, but he was trying to do the “right thing”. Again, the main factor is guilt. He didn’t do anything maliciously.

          Harry in the first game, likewise, didn’t do anything to deserve going to silent hill beyond adopting Cheryl, alessa’s split soul. This was a kind gesture, and didn’t do anything in his live malevolent to merit purgatory.

          Since all this is true, norman reedus doesn’t have to be a bad guy either. He will probably end up being a victim of circumstance or feel guilty about something.

  • recordatron .

    Ahh good old Guillermo! He always eases my concerns when he talks about a project he’s working on. I think they’ll do a bang up job.

  • Xuchilpaba

    Why create a new every-day realistic character we can like and relate, instead of hiring a well known face from popular tv shows.

    Japan’s assumings of what could sell in the west gives me stomach ache.

  • Steven Bayne

    Kojima + Del Toro = Emotional trauma

  • Steve Bessant

    I can only assume that Hideo has played through some (if not all) of the Silent Hill games, considering his affiliation with Konami, but I wonder if Guillermo and Norman have played through any of them?

    I have the utmost faith in this team up. I’m a fan of all 3 of them.

    • McToasty207

      Del Toro plays games to some extent from what I gather, before THQ faulted he was going to produce a horror game called Insane. I suspect ideas from that will find their way into this game.

  • Eden’s Cross

    Very evident that he couldn’t change his style due to walking dead.

    • spideynut71

      Spoken like someone who only KNOWS Norman Reedus from TWD. He’s had that “style” since Blade 2.

      • ChatWraithPsi

        He didn’t really look like that in boondock saints

        • spideynut71

          Did I say he did? NO, I did not. Saints predates Blade 2 by 3 years, and several films/projects. Work more on your reading comprehension skills, and less on jumping to conclusions trying to prove someone wrong.

  • Henrikm

    Hopefully toro can get up on his ass and make mountain of madness now too


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