Game Informer outs Silent Hill Book of Memories release date (Update: Konami confirms)

Update: Konami has confirmed that the date is indeed October 16th.

Noticed by our very own Rourke was the release date for Silent Hill Book of Memories, spotted within the October issue of Game Informer. We’ve waited a long time for a date and we finally have one. Hopefully Konami will issue a press release, soon. The game’s last delay didn’t have one and that confused a lot of people.

The release date comes from Game Informer’s New Releases section. October 16th is the day that many Silent Hill “fans” will lose their shit and try to raid their local Gamestop in an effort to convince people that blasphemy has been committed by Konami. I on the other hand am excited for this game. It looks fun, sounds fun, and has the right to be fun as long as it’s well made. Here’s hoping it’s just that.

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  • GoTY 2012 😉

    • StuntmanSnake

      I thought GOTY was going to the Silent Hill cart racer. ;D

      • You’re right! I take that back… GoTY will be the SH kart racer!

  • Ross Ingram

    Good news. Hopefully Europe gets it at a similar. Not weeks later like Downpour.

  • This would be the only reason for me to buy a vita. Unfortunately the vita still isn’t worth my money.

    • ariessiren

      your loss dude. the vita is the lil portable survival horror machine. psone games look BEAUTIFUL on the system as do psp games on that oled screen. huge library of horror made better. i bought it just for that reason and silent hill BOM, followed by soul sacrifice.

  • Koulamatata

    I still want a demo before I decide to buy it.

  • Great, can’t wait 🙂

  • ariessiren

    im looking forward to this also. just got my vita, downloaded SH origins, silent hill psone and ready for this. hope its alot of fun. glad the developer is not vatra.

  • Henrikm

    Yeah would love to play this one but I know what will happen to my handheld consoles,they will gather dust in a corner of the room eventually 🙁
    I mainly bought a psp for Castlevania Rondo of Blood and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth but has rarley touched it since same with my orginal DS.
    I fear a Vita would fare the same fate even if I really really want to play BoM.
    Hopefully It gets released on PSN for PS3 or Marketplace Xbox360 in the future?

    • ariessiren

      remember that there is a huge library of horror for psone games available already and some on psp that you can play on Vita. the games really pop on the OLED screen. im playin parasite eve now and just wow. it really makes the games playable again vs a huge hdtv lcd where they are too ugly.

  • Somebody

    Do you never get tired of tellung us how tired you are of people complaining about the game, CJ? Starts to get pretty annoying, too. YES, WE HAVE UNDERSTOOD YOUR POINT. So please stop telling it again in every single SH post. Could you please return to a somewhat objective style instead of turning into something very similar to what you actually are complaining about? Thanks. :/
    (And no, I am NOT one of the “I hate this game because it is different” people. And btw, a lot of the people being skeptic about the game aren’t either, although you seem to put all critics into the same category.)

    • When they stop their irrational, immature complains (looking at this post someone is downvoting all of the positive comments) I’ll stop.

    • ariessiren

      dude its the truth. there is a huge difference in non biased opinions vs fanboy immature b.s. the majority is pure negative hate and its quite embarrassing. some of us are open minded but the negative outweighs the positive by like 90%. as a commenter, im personally sick of all the negative so yes cj has a very valid point. you have yours also but most are not “skeptic” they are complete fanboy hating assholes from hell. that is the truth

  • ariessiren

    be really cool to explore SH with 4 other people. its new and exciting.

  • luigiix

    After the massive dissapointment that Downpour was (for me at least), i can honestly say that i’m not very interested in this one. I don’t mind the gameplay changes. The thing that bothers me is the “cartoony” art style and the isometric perspective.
    Still, i would give it a chance if i had a Vita, but i don’t, and probably never will. Not that i don’t want one ( i want to play Gravity Rush so bad) but don’t have the money to spare, specially for a portable with just one game that genuinely interests me…
    I’d rather buy a 3ds. There are at least 5 3ds games i want to play.


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