Friday The 13th Devs Show Off Motion-Capture Process With Kane Hodder

Boy, if you’re into the Friday the 13th franchise, or just slasher flicks in general, this is new game is looking to shape into something really awesome. Randy Greenback, the game’s executive producer, has been showing off the motion capture process all week, with none other than Kane Hodder in Jason’s mo-cap suit. Hodder played the masked killer in Friday the 13th Part VII through Jason X, adding a level of authenticity to the game’s Jason that is sure to tingle the brains of Friday fans.

I seriously love seeing this dude, this big scary looking dude in the mo-cap golfball suit, if for no other reason than he’s so obviously Jason. I saw a picture a while back of him, Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams from The Evil Dead franchise), Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise) and Mike Estes (who has worked as an actor and crew in miscellaneous horror productions, usually in tandem with Bruce Campbell). It was wonderful, especially considering that they all looked pretty chill and having fun, but Hodder was at the end like this giant crazy bouncer that was simply unmistakable as anyone but Jason Voorhees.

Tom Savini is apparently also in on this project, which as a zombie enthusiast I’m ecstatic for (he’s the legendary makeup and effects man behind Dawn of The Dead, the original Friday the 13th, and pretty much all of the classic gorror movies) and from what I can gather is behind some new, brutal kills for the Crystal Lake Killer.

Here’s hoping that we get a tease at some later date of the hilarious Sleeping Bag kill, which has become sort of a running gag in the Friday series, and was a stretch goal for the game.

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  • DavidGX

    90% chance this game turns out to be garbage. I hope I’m wrong.

    • TH3J4CK4L

      I’m pretty sure its gonna be. It’s pretty sad that Savini attached himself to this. They don’t even need him to make this cash in. I mean the devs said they were happy to be in the spotlight with future companies released and all i can think is,why? The game is just a lame multiplayer 5 v 1 that is sucking dollars for an unnecessary project cost of which they will reap more money from sales.

  • tastychainsaw

    I was hoping they would of been halfway done by now lol


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