First details on The Evil Within


A more detailed press-release to the just-announced survival-horror game by Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within was released to the Japanese public. The press release includes more details of the game, and we’ve worked with some Japanese speaking friends to translate (if roughly) the details.

The game stars a man named Sebastian and his partner who go to investigate the scene of a mass murder.  However, a mysterious force is at work. Sebastian watches as more and more of the police force is killed right before his eyes until he is attacked and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he is in a world where monsters roam free and where death and insanity live side-by-side. He will face unimaginable horrors and must fight for his own survival. To discover the truth behind the force that lurks here, Sebastian must embark on a journey brimming with horror.

The Evil Within will use the ID Tech 5. They (Tango)  say they are taking the engine a step further than it has ever been used and will be utilizing a state-of-the-art lighting engine and a beefed-up version of ID Tech 5 than any game has used to date.

The game will attempt to strike a balance between horror and action, but in the sense that one should be desperately struggling to survive while facing scenarios of unimaginable horror. They (Tango) say they want to redefine horror, and seem to be going for a more difficult and intense experience.  The game promises to have limited resources and be full of puzzles and traps.  The game will place a heavy emphasis on player weakness, containing enemies that can easily kill the player.  Players will have to be cunning and evasive to survive in extremely harsh conditions, even turning the tables on enemies and using enemy traps to the player’s advantage.

One feature in the press release related to random distortions that can happen in any area at any time which will change things.  The distortions/illusions can change anything from enemies, objects, even walls into terrifying nightmares.  These distortions will change in real-time and be completely random.  Also mentioned is that the game will have an in-depth world and that Sebastian is being hunted by a mysterious and dark entity.

The press release finishes by saying that the plan is for the game to start off strong and continue with a growing feeling of insecurity, building as the game goes on.  The Evil Within wants to fill the player with anguish, tension and anxiety, sending them right off the deep end.

We’ll keep you up to date as more The Evil Within news develops.

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  • sebastian murdered a bunch of people, name is giveaway, the end.

  • jonathan

    Looks like this game is sooo going to SUCK.

  • So we get offered something by the FATHER of resident evil and people are already moaning about it, JESUS, what the hell does to take to please people. Puzzles, fear, atmosphere, hell i even see zombies in the background.

    • VariousCakes

      I guess the path taken by Resident Evil has made people cynical. I can understand how, but I’m with you, I think it looks very promising.

    • Chaos Spectre

      Because people don’t know that he was the reason Resident Evil was good in the first place. He really didn’t have a hand in anything after 4, and it went downhill after RE4, but people don’t know that.

      Also, your post implies people do research lol.

  • Interesting, it is starting to get my attention, but still keeping hopes low.

  • Sterlin Ruther

    Bonersauce everywhere… Take my money!

  • ibraincelllost

    i think i lost some brain cells while reading this pathetic translation,

  • you just can’t please some people , I myself Love it ! and can’t wait to see some actual game play. I see hints of resident evil 4 , silent hill , Texas chainsaw , shadows of the dammed combine all that with puzzles limited resources dark atmospheres and it looks like a winner to me.

  • DarkDreamT2

    At this point, I feel that Capcom needs to fire and replace their upper-management. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing at all. Capcom itself should focus on making titles good from an entertainment aspect. They should be saying “would this be fun at this moment in time? Will this get tedious over time?” when making their games, they should be lenient with their release schedules so as to promote a more relaxed work environment (people tend to be more creative when they aren’t stressed the hell out), and they should listen to but NOT cater to their fans. Take in input from the people buying your games but don’t try to please everybody, cause when you do no one is happy. You have to put your best efforts, your best teams and resources and most importantly your love into a project in order for it to be good, and if it’s good people will like it regardless if it’s exactly how they want it or not, as RE4 was.

    • Xander

      Who said anything about Capcom?

      • Gothic Guido

        But!… The success of this game could have an impact on the next RE title. Who knows? If this game sold like hotcakes Capcom could bring back other horror games, they like money!

      • DarkDreamT2

        Dunno. It was somewhere.

  • Neutron15

    cool, Im getting a RE 4 and Silent Hill vibe to it

  • Yeah, I see some Silent Hill influence. No one’s mentioned that this sounds like a Lovecraftian story setup too.

    How are some people disappointed by this? This is Mikami’s response to people lamenting the slow death of survival horror, some for yeeeears now. Calm down.

  • Henrikm

    Looks interesting,like others already said below seem to be a mix of Resident evil and Silent Hill etc.
    It looks promising and kept my eyes on this title for a while so gonna keep doing it.
    I just hope Mikami does not do what his former partner studio Capccom usally does reveal too much of the game and plot,let us find out for ourself.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Random distortions? Hell yeah. Not only does this sound like an incredible idea to keep players on their toes, but it also boosts replay value. So stoked. Thank you, Mikami-san!


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