First Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut DLC has arrived

The first of many DLC packs for Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut have arrived on EU PSN. The packs releasing are for both suits for York and new vehicles. The Espresso and Field Ops suits will be sold for £1.49 (roughly $2), and the Suit Up and Transporter packs will be sold for £3.99, each. These four DLC packs will be available on the North American PSN on June 4th.

Despite personally believing that this DLC should have been included in the Director’s Cut package–and not as a forthcoming “feature”–I’m not too peeved about it. What I am waiting for is further information on the patch for the game. A game like this has little reason not to be at a stable framerate. I’d like to see some fixes sooner rather than later, especially with DLC being sold.


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  • ArthurBerceuse

    Maybe it’s because of my country, but I can’t find a physical copy of this game. Not even Online.

    • Amiz4Eva

      Same here. I’m in Australia and just before it’s release, EB Games, K-Mart, Target and Big W were advertising it….then when the release day came, some of those stores removed it from their website and I haven’t found a physical copy anywhere. It’s bizarre.

    • luigiix

      Well, there is a downloadable version on PSN, but i can understand if that’s not a viable solution for you guys.

  • Henrikm

    I got physical copy(sweden) but it was very delayed here.

  • Matt

    Agreed about the framerate, but IMO it isn’t gamebreaking or unplayable. Oddly enough it sort’ve adds to the games quirkiness. But yeah, should probably patch for better FPS regardless. The DLC, on the other hand, I am disappointed in. Should’ve been in… unless there plans to be a Publisher’s Cut down the road.

    • ariessiren

      Yeah i agree. I barely noticed it. For an small studio game, i think they did an amazing job. So many details and love put into the game. the dlc is optional and cosmetic mainly. The game has many suits you can buy without resorting to dlc purchases. Blue stripe and sex appeal cherry blossom are my faves.

  • ariessiren

    The framerate is not even anywhere near bad. I finished the u.s. Version no problems. Just some audio popping that was it. framerate is way better than the silent hill hd collection or downpour even after the patches hit for those games. I played both xbox and PS 3 and both were fine. Amazing game. You guys are blowing this frame thing out of proportion. Its fine.

    • Performing under 30FPS 90% of the time is something a game this technologically unimpressive should not do. Especially when it’s a 3 year old port.

      • ariessiren

        I never once came away from the experience saying the frame rate was distracting. There’s a heck of alot worse games out there with awful frame rates than ps3 versi

        • Wojciech Olczyk

          Name does games…. i dare you


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