Fight Cthulhu, Yig and Ithaqua in Elder Sign: Omens

Elder Sign

We’ve dealt with Lovecraftian monsters in a variety of ways in recent years; we’ve crawled around them in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, imprisoned them with blocks in Eldritch and even point&clicked away from them in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness, but never before have we beaten them in a game of yahtzee. Time to fix that!

Elder Sign: Omens is a singleplayer board game that has been ported to PC after a brief run on smartphone devices. It has the player assembling a team of investigators with different abilities and varying levels stamina and sanity, who then have to find a way to seal away iconic Old Ones from the Lovecraft mythos. It’s a game based primarily around rolling dices, though the player is able to manipulate the luck-factor with abilities and items. The Steam page of the game promises thirty different characters, seven unique monsters and over two-hundred adventures.

Elder Sign: Omens is available for $15 in the United States, €13.99 in Europe and £11.99 in Great Britain.


  • drachehexe

    If you have this on your phone no need for this version. Extremely disappointing there’s no multiplayer. If it had multiplayer I’d buy a 4 pack. But since I paid 2.99 for it on my phone I don’t need the 5 time as much PC version.