Fede Alvarez to direct Dante’s Inferno movie

Hey movie fans!  Did you like the Evil Dead remake?  Hope so!  Especially if you’re a Dante’s Inferno fan.  Fede Alvarez is currently in talks with Universal Studios to direct the live-action film adaptation of Dante’s Inferno.

Yeah, I kind of forgot that was going to be a thing too.

Also working on the film are Eric Newman and Marc Abraham of Robocop remake fame.  With them will be EA Entertainment vice president Patrick O’Brien, who is also working a Need for Speed movie adaptation.

I suppose this would be a good time to pose the question – do you think that video games should just stay video games, or should directors and producers try to bring games into theatres? Sound off in the comments section!


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  • yepwatermelon

    I didn’t even like it as a game… can we forgo the EA shit and stick to the original story?

  • ZenTzen

    why, the game was mediocre, it just had some interesting designs, now mediocre games that dont do anything for gaming get movies?

    i would understand if it was based in the original, not freaking this

  • Cyberote

    Why? Just why? The game did poorly as did the animated adaptation. So why continue beating a dead horse by releasing a live-action film of it?


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