Echo Night coming to PS Classics

First released for the Playstation in 1999, From Software’s Echo Night¬†is a different kind of horror game.¬† The first-person horror title pitted you against ghosts and instead of using firearms to fight them off (because how?) the goal was to turn the lights on to disperse the ethereal beings.

The ESRB has listed Echo Night for release for the Playstation 3, PS Vita and PSP. Its release for the PSP would suggest that it’s headed for the PS Classics rather than an HD remaster.

There’s no word yet on any potential release date.


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  • Xander

    Wasn’t there a sequel set in space on PS2?

    • Dfs

      Echo Night Beyond. Great Game.

    • Actually the sequel was on PS1 and it took place in a castle. However it never saw the light of day outside Japa.
      You can easily find the ISO and an unfinished fan translation online somewhere.

      • Louis

        Actually actually, there were two sequels.

        Master of Dreams was the PS1 one in a castle, and Beyond was the PS2 one in space.


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