Devin Shatsky drops us some new Downpour details

Producer behind Silent Hill: Downpour, Devin Shatsky (username: Murph) has stopped by our forum once again to provide us and the fans of the Silent Hill franchise some new juicy details. Silent Hill: Downpour is nearing the end of its development cycle and looking to improve on many fan concerns. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

.The option for button prompts (Press X to do __) can be toggled on Hard difficulty.

.Combat has been noted as “iffy” by previews, and Konami/Vatra are working hard to tweak and improve it at this stage of development.

.There will be unlockable clothing and weapons. Joke items will also be in the game (e.g. Silent Hill 3’s Sexy Beam)

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  • Ben May

    Where would be the harm in allowing players of lower difficulty settings to toggle the button prompts? They should not assume that less skilled players need them.

    Other than that, it all looks promising.

  • Henrik

    Sounds nice about the combat,it was the only thing that worried me in esrly videofootage looked iffy yes,seemed that no matter weapon one took it hardly landed any hits at all while foes made major damage so sounds good if they tweak it.

    Sounds nice about outfits too,sh3 is still the one with most.

    Had a dog costume in one installment wonder if we will see a alien joke costume now? That or big/bubble head outfits of past cast like Harry,James and Heather etc 🙂


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