Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut vs original Deadly Premonition video comparison

A lot of people have been wondering how the new Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut visuals stack up to that of the original Xbox 360 release. More notably to see if the Director’s Cut framerate is as poor as some people have been reporting. Thanks to supergreatfriend on Youtube, we can finally see the two games side by side, and draw our conclusions from there.

The most noticable difference is the removal of the green filter in the Director’s Cut, that and the framerate does chug a few times in the new iteration of the game. Also, strangely enough, in the Director’s Cut, it appears they removed the flowing water effects entirely from the river, and the new water in the Director’s Cut look pretty awful.

Maybe it’s just the video, but overall, the new release doesn’t look much better than the original release so much as it just looks slightly different, and in some cases, even worse. It’s a shame that it didn’t look and perform better in every regard, after all this release is coming out 3 years after the original game and costs twice as much now than it did back then. Either way, I’m sure the Director’s Cut still looks better in other areas of the game. Watch the video for yourself below!


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  • red haze of green haze lol still an awesome game though, it aint about the graphics all the time I actually think the game looks good.

  • But I liked the weird color tones.

  • Rayek

    Heard a lot about this game before i played it myself. I love it! Not many games succeed in creating an open world like this one does.

  • luigiix

    I´m not picky when it comes to graphics, but… wasn’t the Director’s Cut supposed to look better? because ain’t look better to me.

  • giantbat

    Is it just me or does Emily Wyatt look like Naomi Watts?

  • It looks the same, just a cleaner picture. I need to do a hard playthrough on the 360. Might start it soon, after Blood Dragon.

  • ariessiren

    It has more color and is more vibrant on ps3. That’s a good thing. I think it looks way better and clearer. More color definition than that awful green tone on 360. The town looks more alive with the color pop vs the old green dull filter.

  • Gonna get it soon

  • Why are all the effects, like the running water, or their eyes shining, missing in the Director’s Cut?

  • Allen

    Not the first “graphically improved” game where water effects are missing/suck compared to the original. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Silent Hill HD Collection.)

    At least according to the videos. Can’t play it, as the European PSN still hasn’t delivered the preorder games which were scheduled for end of April. They debited my money already at that time, though.


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