Cult County Kickstarter unsuccessful

Cult County

Cult County, the latest horror game from the crew who brought us the two Dementium games, failed to achieve its funding goal on Kickstarter and will have to look for money elsewhere.

The fundraiser ended yesterday with only $46,736 of its $580,000 goal raised, meaning it only received around 8% of what it needed. 1492 people backed the project, two even going so far as to donate over $2,500, and received a special update from the staff thanking them for supporting their project.

Joystiq reports that Renegade Kid is currently discussing other options to acquire funding, which could mean they end up working for a publisher once again.


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  • MattS71

    even though games like Outlast have been popular, horror seems like a tough sell…which is a major bummer

    • LoveAnimation

      I guess thats why the big game companys dont seem that interested in making horror games anymore unfortunatelly. 🙁

  • Liam Mountain

    there are so many horror indie games now it’s getting harder to impress I suppose.

    • Casper Bronmans

      I kind of fear that as well, which is a shame since there’s still plenty of titles out there with interesting ideas and themes.

  • Misha Argall

    Meanwhile, a Shaq Fu reboot is a go with $450k raised on Indiegogo. Sometimes I don’t even want to live on this planet anymore!


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