Contest: Enter to win Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

Capcom has given me five Steam codes for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition to give away. The rules are simple:

All you have to do is leave a comment below sharing your idea of how Resident Evil 7 should be. Get creative and talk about how you would handle the story! Also, be sure to leave a working email address along with your comment, because that’s how I’ll be contacting the five winners. 

This contest will end on Wednesday, March 26 at 7:00PM EST!

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  • Aros

    To be honest I don’t even know where they could go with the series. Best guess is things finally do go to hell and we as people are on the brink of extinction but then again they’ve done a good job of making sure that doesn’t happen and really, made it more realistic I guess. So I guess we could go back to bringing Jill to the forefront with Chris and Leon and Ada finally do something useful together. Maybe find a way to make an open world RE but then having it being a survival horror instead of action horror would probably prove to be even more difficult for them.

    I’m not creative but I tried lol

    uh do I leave my email here or can you grab it via disqus or w/e?

  • Not terrible.

  • Mr.Csquared

    ( Oh my, this is very cool! In my eye, RE7 should be connected to the poster that was released long ago where the war ends now. If it should end now, it should end with those it started with. Who they are is no secret, Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Of course, capcom should be true to their word and go survival horror again as I believe it will be in 7. For the story, all four characters are confronted with the problem of the man who was long rumored to us to take Albert Wesker’s place who may have been read about in documents, Alex Wesker. Alex plans to take distribute to the whole world all the known viruses to bring the world to in Albert’s word’s complete global saturation. So it is up to our favorite four survivors to stop Alex and save the world from complete zombification. But they must remember, death is waiting around every corner.

    • Aros

      Only problem is Claire wouldn’t do it. Dunno if you watched Degeneration (which btw both CGI movies are FREAKING AWESOME) but she’s more of the peaceful fighter now and would not join Chris or Leon on an actual fight given a choice. In the movie she only does briefly and then returns the gun like nope I’m done doing that.

      • Mr.Csquared

        I do see your points and yes i have seen the CGI movies. (both which I really dig) But what I think could happen is that something traumatic should happen to Claire that causes her to choose to fight along side her friends and brother.

  • Joosh

    It won’t happen, but I would love for them to go back to a more atmospheric and horror-driven game (ie – less actiony run and gun). Granted, RE4 was pretty actiony, but it worked. I feel like they’ve just dropped any sense of horror and suspense and replaced it with bigger and bigger guns and gorier monsters.

  • ThePrice

    I’d love to have another Resident Evil that actually scares me. I always got such a sense of foreboding and tension when I explored the mansion in the first game, and the police station in the second (I kind of got that feeling in Resident Evil 3, but that was just from constant fear of Nemesis popping out of the nearest port-o-john or whatever and wrecking my face), the sort of feeling I normally only get from games like Silent Hill where I’m torn between stopping from the anxiety of what might be next, but wanting to continue because I’m still enjoying it that much.

    Less emphasis on action and “push button not to die” moments I think would be a good start, and I’d say downplay the story for at least most of the game, instead of going with something too over the top with in-your-face cinematic cutscenes. Something more subtle that you could glean through the notes and tapes and what have you, rewarding non-linear exploration, little bits of extra that would enhance the main narrative.

    Thing is, I don’t know if they can go back down to the more grounded kind of game now that they’ve gone full-on “Action Jackson” blockbuster movie game. I don’t know if that means going along with a new cast of characters, rebooting the series and reusing the old cast. I actually feel like RE4 got a good balance of that horror game tension with bits of action movie in it. Feeling terrified in the village and castle (I was the most terrified when fighting the lake monster, goddamn), while kicking ass and having those cinematic moments like Mike with the helicopter. So perhaps just going back to a good balance like that would at least make for another fun game.

    But yeah, if I was handling RE7, I’d try going for a game that would reward non-linear exploration, have a downplayed story, and have tension coming from the foreboding atmosphere rather than jump scares and “push button” action events.

    Good luck, everyone in the contest!


  • Brandon Roediger

    First of all RE has gone downhill since 4. Not to say that I didn’t love 5, I platinumed it. RE6 on the other hand took practically all that made RE good and threw away for 10 times more action oriented gameplay. It took out all the fear and replaced it with automatic weapons and counters. That is garbage. But besides the point if they have any sense they will take a step back, or 3, and take what made 4 and the classic games so good (Item management, smarter puzzles, enemies without guns, more thought out progression with weapons, better atmosphere and environments, the exclusion of co-op, etc.) The list goes on. Knowing that they won’t do this I can only hope that the game takes on more of a God Hand inspired gameplay with Jake as the main protagonist beating the ever loving shit out of whatever he comes across with his gangster ass super powers. I honestly can’t even imagine what they will do next, but considering Capcom’s choices in the past few years becoming more and more questionable I am sure I will be disappointed. I still will play it because I am a fan of the series, but as for gameplay and most everything else I will surely regret my purchase. Shameful really.

  • Karma Akabane

    First of all if it’s actually Resident Evil 7
    (emphasis is on the number) then it has to star one (or more) of the
    protagonists we already know. I know a lot of people are tired of them (which I
    really don’t understand why because all of them are really cool characters and
    have been with us for over 15 years… and I personally love them) and want new
    characters but unless it was a spin-off or a reboot or something like that it
    would look really dumb and would feel pretty strange and out of place if Capcom
    made solely new people appear. The 7th episode of such a franchise should not
    be the one to introduce completely new protagonists and leave all known ones
    out. However, they could use some who hasn’t shown up for a while like Claire
    and/or Jill (hell maybe even Rebecca or Billy or Barry or Carlos…). Beside them
    they could still introduce new faces like they always do (which is a good thing
    in my opinion). Now I will move on to another thing because I could talk all
    day and it still would only be about the characters without mentioning anything

    A little bit about a possible story. It would have so much more survival horror
    feel to it if it wasn’t so mission-like. What I mean is that they should make
    it all more like a fairly sudden accidental (or deliberate, it doesn’t really
    matter) outbreak and not like a mission where our protagonists go to to „complete”
    their thing and where the situation is already well-known to everyone. In my
    opinion, that was pretty much the „problem” with RE 5 (even with 4 a bit) and 6
    except for Leon’s scenario of course which was really great, where in the old
    games they used massive outbreaks that were actually mostly unplanned and
    nobody really knew about them too much so they had much more survival feel to
    them already from the beginning. Now for (a bit childish) example for a new
    game if the main character was Claire or Jill maybe. They could be like taking
    a long break away from their duties or jobs (maybe even on „vacation”) and that’s
    when and where the sh*t would hit the fan (in a not-too-cliché way if possible).
    So this way they wouldn’t be armed heavily from the start and wouldn’t have
    more knowledge of the situation than an average person. A bit like it was in RE
    2 and 3. So they would actually have to purely survive with scarce resources
    until they manage to get help (probably from Chris and/or Leon) or something while
    gaining knowledge on what’s going on exactly. This is only a small intro to it
    and only one of the many things I could think of as a story. I chose this one
    because this was the most simple and the easiest to describe.

    On a final note, I would like to mention, it would probably be the best if the
    game had 2 (different) story scenarios where one would be a solo-only gameplay
    and the other would have co-op, but co-op doesn’t necessarily mean it should be
    less scary. (And yes, this final idea was pretty much inspired by that „leaking”
    thing that guy posted in the forum…)

  • TheSvenBo

    Capcom has created a lot of loose ends and false leads. I think RE7 needs to return to a more creepy, slow paced, exploratory title. Keep the atmosphere and pace of REvelations, as well as the chapters that feel like cliff hangers. Explore what happened to Billy, what Rebecca, Barry, Carlos, Sheva, and others have been up to, as well as what Claire was doing when Chris went missing (“I’m looking for my brother… again”). Make use of flashbacks and jumps in time so we can see what each character was up to over the course of the past decade or so.
    I think the plot should be something along the lines of uncovering some kind of grand conspiracy involving the U.S. government, The Family, Umbrella, and Tricell. Something like this:
    After retiring to be with his family, Barry discovers amid his old things something about S.T.A.R.S. that connects it back to the U.S. government. It leads him to explore an old Umbrella hideout in the Midwest. After learning that Umbrella and Tricell go back far further than he thought, he learns that Tricell actually created a facility to monitor the rubble of Raccoon City (as seen in RE:Outbreak). When he discovers the facility is actually Albert Wesker’s lair, Barry attempts to contact Jill to get a hold of Chris (One scenario).
    Meanwhile, Billy, who has gone into hiding, seeks the help of The Family to keep him safe (knowing agents like Leon in the government will find him). He learns, however, that The Family made a pact with the U.S. government to set about creating one universal World Order bent NOT on creating a superior human race (ala Ozwell and Albert), but on preserving humanity against itself, but with terrible costs. This pact reaches as far East as China. He tries to contact Rebecca, who has settled down with a family of her own, and together they infiltrate The Family’s inner circle. When they learn that The Family/U.S. government was more deeper enmeshed in Umbrella/Tricell than previously thought, Rebecca attempts to contact Chris to no avail (Second Scenario).
    After being used by Wesker, Jill has become quite sick and remains in the hospital (explaining why she was unable to finish him off at the end of RE5). Carlos, who remained close to her, takes care of her while Chris remains with the BSAA. When Claire learns of Chris’ disappearance, she contacts Jill who insists Carlos help her find him. Together, they travel to Edonia, where Terra Save has begun assisting in the cleanup following the C-Virus outbreak, and discover that the Bureaucracy that has affected the region (in RE:Damnation) runs deeper and seems to connect back to The Family/U.S. government/China conspiracy, such that ALL the world’s governments appear to be connected and that “terrorism” is really a way of distracting common people from the goings on in this new global government. They begin to infiltrate the lavish European palaces to find out answers, which distracts them from finding Chris. When they learn of this conspiracy, Claire calls to warn Leon and Sherry of their danger, who subsequently contacts Jake (Third Scenario).
    The BSAA intercept signals from a previously uninhabited island. Using satellite data, they suspect BOW production taking place there, but something unprecedented is taking place. Not taking any precautions, Chris has since created an elite team consisting of Sheva, Josh, Quint, Keith, and others, called NIVANS (National and International Viral Annihilation and Nullification Squad) to infiltrate the island. Together, the team works to discover that the island was owned by Alex Wesker, who has attained immortality and stolen all of Albert’s Umbrella data. Alex is well aware of this globalized government and intends to become “god king” of this new world order. We witness Chris and Jill sacrifice themselves as a symbol that this is a new chapter and that the fight is not over (Fourth Scenario).
    The game leaves off on Alex being the new uber-antagonist and we learn that all the characters are interconnected and each is striving to fight for good in their own way. This allows for more games with more story lines and an increasingly degrading world. Most of the gameplay is dark and dreary, slow paced with puzzle solving and key collection. Barry’s scenario is mostly solo, while others are teamwork based and even multiplayer based. There will be high octane boss battles and cinematic sequences, but these are spread out with larger, detailed, slow exploration in between. The main enemies are zombies, both C-Virus and T-virus, and there is a nice balance of creatures from other games, with the bosses being most unique. This will be a WHOLE new generation of Resident Evil.
    What do you all think?

  • Thomas

    …… I dont know for some reason ive always wanted Resident Evil to end on a high note. Ive envisioned a senario were all the protagonists are “invited” to a location were it will be difficult to leave Again. This could be an iland, luxury liner or even an old mansion. Not original i know but what happens is that they are all put in a similar situation were they are all confronted by a zombie outbreak (yes zombies) and they basiccally will be fighting to stay alive. There wont be healthpacks, ammo and weapons lying around everywere. They will be in the game but you have to improvise being a mcguyver and use your surounddings as defensive weapons. When you finally find a real weapon you will feel rewarded for your efforts to stay alive long enough to find a weapon. Even after this you still have to be carefull because ammo will be scarze……

    The big reveal at the end will be the resurgence of umbrella and antagonists from the past…….

  • Rick

    Maybe have it set on a remote island which is a testing ground for B.O.W.s and human experiments. You could play as one of the test subjects trying to escape the island. The B.S.A.A. raid the island and a scientist releases the B.O.W.s and test subjects spreading the virus. I would bring back fixed camera angles to add to the atmosphere. Areas would include a jungle with zombie wildlife, laboratories, test subject cells, dock area and maybe a neighbouring island to which the virus spreads and infects most of the population.

  • Ramon

    I always had this idea of a RE happening INSIDE the BSAA main base where Chris and Jill operate.

    The main antagonist (either a small group, corporation, terrorists, etc)
    gets their hands on a virus and plan on using it but first they need to
    take care of the BSAA since they have the knowledge BSAA is their
    biggest threat.

    Chris and Jill are locked inside the BSAA base, the villain releases the virus inside, and this is a single player thing so they are alone and in different places of the base, Jill would start off close to the power room while Chris starts in the armory, you can change characters on the go like in RE Zero, and cooperating works like for example using Jill to turn off the power in the Armory so Chris can leave the area and Chris sending a Keycard to Jill via the transport system of the base so she can open a specific door or use a specific machine.

    Their goal is to reach the operations room and from there find the survivors and extract them via the secret escape route.

    The enemies are scientists, soldiers, etc. all victims of the virus, the
    soldiers being ‘maybe’ the hardest common enemy due to their suits
    (kevlar, helmets) they would act similar to classic zombies, some of
    them resembling more of the Crimsom Heads and others like the Ooze from Revelations, and others even more vicious, and no they won’t hold
    machetes or fire guns, some of the soldiers have grenades attached to
    their bodies so you have to be careful where to shoot, or maybe use it
    to your advantage to kill an entire horde of enemies by shooting the
    grenades from a safe distance.

    Special enemies, mid and main bosses are composed of monsters used in experiments by the terrorists and captured by the BSAA in field operations for analysis, all of them are frozen and being studied and them destroyed but with the attacks on the base they are awaken once again and set free.

    Not all of them you fight head to head, one of them is a super fast
    creature that releases a smoke that can cause alucinations, most of the
    encounters with this creature are unavoidable and the alucinations go
    from hordes of creatures that are not really there, to more meaningfull
    stuff like Chris starting to see Wesker’s figure walking down the
    hallways of the base, talking to him, saying stuff from past Resident
    Evils, maybe stuff from before Resident Evil 1 that can shed a better
    light on their relationship before the incident in the Mansion, example,
    in one of the alucinations Chris finds himself back at the RPD, he
    walks down the hall, sees Marvin who says “Good Morning Chris”, you can also sit on his chair, talk to Jill, Barry, get a call from Claire, play
    his guitar.

    Later Jill can have an alucination from the day they took the famous picture with all the members of Alpha and Bravo team, having fun and laughing, making fun of Brad, etc. In the last flashback they are giving the mission to go to the mansion, to where it all started.

    Note: I think having this excuse for alucinations composed of flashbacks would be a cool throwback similar to the ones we have in Metal Gear Solid 4, a little gift to the fans to celebrate such wonderful years and games of this beloved franchise, showing more of their relationships, things we’ve never seen in the main games, pure and simple nostalgia.

    Other alucinations can bring back Nemesis chasing Jill, the Tyrant (or maybe an entire horde of them) and other epic moments and enemies from the past.

    In my mind the BSAA base would be a mix of some Black Mesa areas from Half Life and the RE Revelations base, with some long corridors, labs, etc. Other areas could be included to keep it fresh like underground tunels, all depends on where the facility is located, i think it should be in the middle of a forest, full of creatures and zombies, even cerberus.

    Chris and Jill can also have different abilities, Chris can have a better time finding ammo, but both of them still needs to manage their ammunition carefully, even in normal mode. He also can set traps and use it to lure enemies and avoid combat, Jill can be more stealth in some cases and also lockpick safes for extra ammo and medicine and so forth.

    At the end they can make a connection to the ones selling the virus and
    the after credits scene of RE Revelations (if thats already explained
    them ignore this). And that sets RE 8 that can possibly be the last one
    considering they find out the A-players of this ruse, from Ada’s bosses
    to the ones pulling the strings of Jessica and the redhead guy (forgot
    his name) from Revelations.

    Well, i leave you guys to judge this crazy idea xD i tried! Did you rike it? (sorry for any problems with the text, english is not my main langague)

  • RichWalk24

    I’ll give this one a go:

    If Resident Evil 7 is intended to be a sequel, then I think it’s about time Claire gets into the spotlight for a change.

    After the events of Resident Evil 6, she gets in contact with her brother Chris who is coming to terms with the loss of his friend and still serves the BSAA to honour his friend’s wishes. Upon learning of the events in Resident Evil 6, Claire becomes convinced that her methods of contributing to eliminating bioterrorism has diminished, especially compared to her older brother with his own accomplishments, and seeks to more than what she has done in Degeneration when she allied herself with TerraSave. This could give her motivation that while it may appear that Chris has done more than she has done throughout the series, she still has the potential to do just as much in her own way.

    She comes across a small underground bioterrorism project by chance and is determined to prove her worth by sabotaging the project right under their noses. Though she plans to go alone, she is allied with a few members of TerraSave capable of infiltrating the secret facility. Claire and her team eventually manages to break in, but soon finds that the bioterrorism act was a colossal failure as the new B.O.W creations proved to be too strong for researchers to handle and swarmed the facility with little effort. Of course, it would eventually turn out that the facility was actually a trap set by a reoccurring villain (Nicolai? Alex Wesker?) sent to lure Claire into danger, so her brother would come after her, leaving the villain to eliminate Chris and thus crush the BSAA.

    Claire, however, is having none of that and sets to resolve the issue herself by using her wits and combat experience she has learned from her brother as well as on her own during her survival in Raccoon City. Nevertheless she’ll come across many dangers among Resident Evil 7, come across old friends, save or lose her team members (perhaps even her own brother), gather and eliminate any potentially dangerous bioorganisms along the way.

    As of the gameplay, the gameplay will differ from Resident Evil 6 by returning back to the survival and horror aspect of the older Resident Evil games, and put in new gameplay elements to keep the themes fresh. Considering that Claire is not as battle hardened as her brother is, she relies more on infiltrating, puzzle solving, and survival along with the necessary combat moments to defend herself against B.O.Ws. This is not a Metal Gear Solid/Hitman/Splinter Cell game however, so there would be no stealth sections shoehorned into the game. Also, no shoehorned escort missions, unless they’re handled well such as in Resident Evil 4.

    The approach could be similar to the beginning sequence of 28 Days Later, with the activists infiltrating a medical research lab, but instead of animals, Claire retrieves evidence (vials, dna, etc.) and uses them to expose the actions of bioterrorism, all while keeping herself and her team alive in the overrun facilities. Perhaps she would need her allies’ abilities to overcome certain obstacles, such as hacking, biology analysis, medical needs, etc.

    Well, that’s about it. Thank you for reading.

  • Brhoom26

    Rebecca Chambers is living in a quite town when the nearby town has an outbreak, panic is taking over her town when they decide to seal the town to prevent the infection from getting in, but that fails and the town is getting infected and the killed zombies turn into crimson heads, the outbreak source is unknown and after most of the town are infected she decides to escape from the sewers (which happens to be the place where the virus got into her town) after escaping she ends up in her nearby town where the infection started.
    In the town she meats few people who tells her when did they notice the outbreak but no helpful information, she encounters a disfigured creature that can not be killed, while trying to survive the creature is always chasing her. She find out that the creature is the cause of the outbreak and decide that she should somehow destroy it. In the end Rebecca finally manges to trap the creature inside a hole with the help of few friends she meets inside this town.
    The minute she traps the monster she is shot to ground and that her friends were working for a secret company wanting that creature. Why?
    It turns out that the creature is Jill Valentine and the T-virus inside of her mutated and caused her to turn and that she was following Rebecca to force her to kill to end her suffering.

    Now a few KEY thing that CAPCOM SHOULD NOT FORGET:

    1: People are always in panic and the player should always feel lost of what to do ( they have no clue of where to go or do, the only thing they know is that the must survive and escape but halfway they can be giving hints about who the monster is and that it should be killed)

    2:No melee fights, if she doesn’t have a weapon she better run for her life,and the weapons are limited just like the first game

    3:No QTE

    4:No stupid lines like resident evil 6 did that killed the horror (you know what I am talking about) imagine if Jill said when the Nemsis came to the diner in resident evil 3 : looks like he is hungry for a Jill sandwich, instead of :No way!!! How did he find me??? will you feel scared???
    (I hope you get this because this is sooo important but no one mention it)

    5:Not every enemy should be killed the player must think twice before shooting an enemy.

    6: The player must feel hopeless all the time don’t give him any kind of hope that help is on it’s way

    7: NO coop she is alone all the time when she meets friends she is with them for a little while or in cutscenes (just like resident evil 1,2 and 3)

    8:NO action movie time I just bought resident evil 6 after refusing to play and after the first with Leon and Helena I think I stopped playing, flying then train then crashing then plane then wtf is this game!!!!

    9: No health regain just say no.

    10 :GO BACK!!! resident evil 3 was prefect for newcomers and old fans,
    easy mode gave you unlimited saves and every weapon but hard mode made saves limited and every bullet counts. And bring back the item menu and health menu no one complained about it why change it (Don’t forget about the item box)

    11: THIS IS IMPORTANT every new enemy is interdouced through a cutscene where the player is show to be scared and speechless from the horror of seeing this enemy and is shown to become somewhat immobile due to frighting scene.

    12: Fear of the unknown, silent hill is famous for this but you did amazingly in resident evil revelations, when you kill Rachel and head for the elevator you hear her talk I swear that this scared me so much I was praying for the elevator to close.

    13: NO mission guide no icon telling you where to go no nothing you are on your own.
    14: Don’t take anything from last of us, the only thing it has going for it is it story, if you want to take anything from games take from resident evil 1,2 and 3.

    I think that all I can think of for this half hour I wrote this I know you want pre rendered back rounds but I wont be sad if they didn’t do it as long they do other things right.
    I hope the best of luck for you capcom this is your last chance at getting us true fans back, I have been a fan since 1999 when I was 7 years old and really miss the horror in your old games.

    Thanks for reading this.


    • That Guy Nick

      EFFF YEAH DINO CRISIS!!!! The first one. The second one with the point system was just silly. Very dino-killing-combotastically silly.

  • Jack L. Perkins

    In my opinion, CAPCOM needs to go back to the solo campaign style
    of RE1-4/Resident Evil: Revelations and must go back to basics!
    REmake is a great blueprint! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing more
    focus on the original cast members such as Claire Redfeild. Capcom is
    introducing to many new characters and they need to kill off some of
    the main characters for some ultra melon collie drama. Resident Evil
    7 needs to do what Resident Evil 4 did for the series in terms of
    “refreshment”. The series needs a fresh plot that centers around
    not only bio terrorism, but also maybe the occult, which is what made
    Resident Evil 4 so eerie. Players need to be introduced to a new
    threat of terror. The zombies and las plagus just aren’t scary
    anymore. Post-apocalyptic and Raccoon City have been done over and
    over. It’s time for Capcom to go back to the rural horror settings
    such as the eerie mansions, castles, forests, chapels, graveyards,
    and abandoned villages. Resident Evil: Revelations did right with the
    cruise ship, which almost resembled the Spencer mansion in the
    original Resident Evil. The new locations need a sense of dread and
    needs to ooze with atmosphere. How about a snow setting complete with
    fog, icy hail storms, etc. Players should should feel that the
    environments they are exploring ARE TRUELY a birthing place for evil.
    We need the basic level structure back from RE1/RE2 such as
    mansion-basement-sewers-And save laboratories until the end of the
    game! Not that it’s important, but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing
    typewriters and save rooms come back, complete with the haunting
    tunes in style of the original music of Resident Evil. Seriously, Capcom just
    needs to use REmake and Revelations as blueprints and work from

  • Ramon Nizamuddin

    I think that RE7 should be a sequel to RE6. The game should start all four main protagonists, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, as well as Claire Redfield returning, working together to face a powerful threat that mankind has ever witness. The game should be more horror and less action, similar to RE Revelations as well as the classic RE games. The game should have more plots and be more challenging. The settings and environment of the game should be being stuck in the city full of monsters trying to making it out alive (similar to RE3), being in an old abandoned house full of monsters, mazes and puzzles (silimar to RE1), and end up in an underground lab facility where the virus or infection was developed and must be destroyed (silimar to Birkin’s lab in RE2). This game should bring back numerous numbers of creatures we dealt in the old games such as zombies, lickers, hunters, tyrant, except make theme more powerful and harder to take out (for example, an invisible hunter and abyss tyrant in RE Revelations). The game should debut Alex Wesker, involving him taking control of Neo-Umbrella after Simmons death in China and could end up following Albert Wesker’s footsteps.

  • Krauser

    Resident Evil 7 better have Krauser Reborn or Wesker the Lavaman in or else ))) ignore this comment. Good luck yall!

  • David Calbo

    I think Resident Evil 7 should have a single a campaign, and a playable single character again. It should have that “rookie faces unimaginable horrors” feel that the first games had. As for the story, i’d love to see a game that centers around a new character (a civilian) fighting against BOWs in his homeland (probably some remote country). I should have the same kind of feel as early RE games in the sense that the player is alone in a big city/town full of infected people. Also, most non-zombie enemies should be new, and mutated plants should make a return. The game should also have a slight misleading supernatural vibe and only after a third or half of the game would the story start to tie in with the rest of the RE lore and convoluted story, but in a more vague way. RE 7 needs to be a simple, straightforward and memorable game, If it tries to be RE 4, it’ll be 5 and 6 again. It needs to be RE 1, 2 and 3, so it can be like RE 4 again, as crazy as that may sound. Hope you like my ideas, cheers!

  • JD

    For me I would kind of like to see the return of Claire Redfield but I am not adverse to having multiple playable characters involved. I would like to see the return to more survival horror element of RE2 but with the RE4 controls. We are familiar with DLC of course and the many things that can get downloaded like multiplayer maps, weapons, and other extra content, I think in addition to this with a fresh twist to this would be to make new enemies become available so your playing the game online and than all of sudden you get attacked by an enemy that you have never seen before. Think of it as random mutations and I am certain with the new next-gen consoles they could do it very easily. It would be random and the player would have no way to predict it and not know how to kill it at first which I think would help add a new level of terror to the gameplay. Just imagine you play this level that you think you know and all of sudden you get attacked by this new mutation or creature.This could be done by a DLC, and the player can opt not to do it if they don’t want to. They can call it the mutation DLC or something. I bet it would increase replayability which would be a bonus. I think another thing I would like to see is maybe unlockable game skins so you can play the game with some classic RE characters without changing the overall game story.

  • Ahmed Hassan

    Hello Jorge ,
    For Resident Evil 7 as you have asked …After going through all the horror elements and awesome story-lines of Resident Evil Series ..
    1.The Idea behind RE 7 would be simple they should go with the single player campaign but it would be tag i guess and add more horror elements with less action as we saw in Re6 but still it was a good game …like the Resident Evil 4 element but still retaining the “run and shoot” as zombies are also evolved.

    2.The main protagonist much be Leon S Kennedy , Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. I dont know i am wrong or right but i read that out of the 12 Wesker babies only 2 survived soo my idea is the returning of the 2nd babe Wesker(he should also know about his death while he acts as he didnt die ) while the other one died in Resident evil 5.

    3.The bonus Characters should be Ada Wong , Jake Muller , Jake mother. All main characters of Re universe their timeline should also be explained as RE7 should be the end of the series.
    What will Wesker do? Hmm…creating a new virus will be a bit predictable but yes i think he will create a Virus a more deadly virus that will spread in the whole world ..More like “World War Z” …The main objective should be stopping the virus and finding the person who actually did this ..which would a bit difficult as they thought Wesker died. Someone has to die in order to make this game a bit emotionally following the death of a particular main character from previous game will make this story a bit interesting.How he died ? should be a campain as well.
    Email :

  • siravia

    While i may have no creative ideas for the story, i do have this bit in mind. Though i loved where the series has gone to the point of Resident Evil 4, loving majority of the characters, protagonist to support ones. I honestly think it’s time for a reboot. At this point in the Resident Evil series, for the most part, it has been tarnished by it’s linear and uncreative and stale gameplay, uninteresting characters. Although a lot may disagree (I myself would of never opted for a reboot several years ago after RE5), I can honestly see a reboot doing wonders for the series, from early/future planning on where they can go with potential titles, new characters that actually have some development in character to existing characters with several changes. In essences, they should really focus on characters that people are genuinely interested in.

  • Roli TheOne

    I would make it basically very close to the gameplay of RE4 but even less actiony and go back to a little more creepy more dangerous feel of, say, RE1 or 2. The story setting should be something pretty fresh as everything else is already kind of sucked out and overused. How about you start out as some sort of lab assistant in a pharmaceutical company in, say, Austria. This would make for some nice landscape and environments, I mean, who doesn’t want to pee their pants while sneaking through a forrest in the alps? There you go, game developers, thank me later.

  • Mark Morgan

    Resident Evil 7 needs to focus on what garnered the series so many fans in the first place: the horror. Though I’ll admit I have not played Revelations, RE4, RE5, and RE6 have all focused more heavily on action. They are fun, don’t get me wrong. But the series suffers from a lack of suspense. Instead of a cop or soldier with fighting prowess, perhaps the series could feature a weaker, more vulnerable character, someone more human and relatable to the player.

  • sotoloco

    Well, like everything that has many sequels and spin off, I highly recommend Resident Evil 7 to go with a reboot. Or if not a reboot, just go with a completely different set of characters on a new setting. Actually, new characters for me would be more important than anything. Rebooting a franchise with the same lead characters, puts the developers in a highly hostile position. Many don’t want to see their favorite characters, the ones we known for years, be re-invented in a different way. Just look at what happen with DMC and Dante, regardless if the game was good or not. Many din’t give it a chance because it re-imagined a fan favorite hero.

    So again, let’s start it off with a fresh start. Introduce new characters, and attempt to make them as human as possible. Meaning, not every character should know by default how to use a grenade launcher. Among the horrors of the new game, it would be extremely appealing to see a character go from average to “survivor”, NOT super hero. In other words they should learn through the process how to defend themselves and survive, not jump of a helicopter from 50 feet above the ground and land on the grand without scratches.

    Continuing on my character rant, I think is essential for Resident Evil to introduce more than just one strong character in RE7. A huge part of the success of a potential reboot, would be how strong the characters are and their relationship with each other. They should make us want to continue looking at their struggles.

    In terms of setting, I’m not opposed to Racoon City. I do honestly think they should abandon the mansion setting, or at least not focus on it. In whatever way they handle the catastrophe in RE7, is important that the world adapts to it. One of my huge problems with the RE franchise so far, is that fact that an entire city disappeared in the 90’s, but yet most of the world seems to have moved on and hardly addressed it. RE7 needs to present a world that adapts properly to the conflict at hand. But this is more in terms on visioning a future for the series after RE7.

    My last suggestion for RE7 would be the enemies. Zombies are great and all, but they are everywhere now. I strongly feel like the next RE doesn’t really need them (hell, RE Revelations din’t have them and that was great!). A huge part of my love for the series came from the fear that the BOWS imposed on me as a player. BOWS need to be developed in a major way. The new BOWS in RE7 need to be complex enemies that are capable of haunting and stalking the players. Players need to feel like having a weapon no longer means you are safe. If they can manage to make players scared, even if they are carrying a shotgun with plenty of bullets, then that would be a great thing.

    Ok, one last thing. In terms of game design for a survival horror game, asset management is ESSENTIAL. In other words, weapons and ammunition should be limited, and should force players to manage properly what they have or what they need to leave behind. Also, in terms of design I would make RE7 an open world game…

    An open world game could be very helpful to survival horror in two ways. It allows for players trying to survive to revisit places to scavenge for ammunition or other items. Is also good for the horror aspect of the game, for it forces the developer to abandon scripted scares that are a huge part of linear horror games. Don’t scare players when you feel like scaring them. Create a world that is worth fearing just by standing there, and not knowing what’s around the next corner. Is a hard thing to accomplish, but I feel like RE7 could be the one to truly nail it.



  • Matt Stein

    Simple, just steal the rights to the Evil Within and call it Resident Evil 7

    • Matt Stein

      Or call it the Resident Evil Within 7

  • Adam Miller

    Well, where do we begin? Perhaps by looking at the plot of the best games – 1 & 2.

    The plot was simple in terms of location – an infected mansion / police station (although other RE games did this well too – trains, ships, etc). The formula worked well for these because it was an isolated location, in which they had little power over the horrors that awaited. A location like a remote island after a shipwreck would work well in this regard.. Taking away the power of the protagonists will also help give an extra burst of the ol’ ‘Survival Horror’ too. Chris and the gang are way too overopowered now. How about introducing a new character that isn’t familiar with all this? You could even bring back a character like Billy – someone who has experienced this horror before, but has kept out of the way of all of this ever since.

    In terms of plot, you could have a new strain of virus that is used to create a new type of BOW. The tests were all created on the island and the creatures have free reign, so they can take the darwinist approach to find out which strain / creatures are the strongest. Your shipwreck leaves you stranded on this island (maybe with a couple of companions that all do their own thing – opening up several storylines) and your main goal is to find a way off the island – but soon changes to survival once you find out what lurks beneath the sand and in the trees……

    No umbrella / wesker / etc. I think that storyline started to get offtrack with Wesker looking to be superhuman. Getting the focus back onto military warfare is the way to go.

    Sorry if some of this sounds waffly 🙂

  • That Guy Nick

    Well what I really want for Capcom to do (along with every other real die-hard RE fan) is make ports of the first three games with the new console graphics. Perhaps also bring back the spinoff RE multiplayer games like Outbreak. But since we know they don’t give a rats tail about the die hard fans, maybe they can stop with the bullshit action horror that was a painfully obvious attempt to draw in more action oriented players while losing the real fans. I still played RE5 and RE6 and beat the hell out of them but it wasn’t the traditional survival horror that made the RE series that great.
    First: I would remove the co-op campaign. Survival horror is not horror if you’re playing co-op. It’s just not. Perhaps they could have an additional mode that supported co-op BUT THE MAIN GAME should remain single player. Capcom should also take after the Dead Space 2 multiplayer modes. That wasn’t only fun-but balanced, strategic and frankly the scariest multiplayer I’ve played. I jumped at least once everygame. If you just swap Issac with Hunk and some UBCS troops and the horde with Zombies and Lickers and hunters- and keep the objective oriented team-based gameplay, that mode alone would be enough for me to buy it.
    Second: Ditch the neverending ammo/saves and quicktime events. Resident Evil’s brand is SURVIVAL HORROR. Surviving is not having unlimited ammo and saves. Having to pick and choose your routes to your objectives because you don’t have enough ammo is one of the key elements in Survival Horror. I literally get stressed when playing RE2 in my car (Yes I hooked up a playstation to my deck and made a switch to bypass the deck’s lock that doesn’t allow to play unless the E-brake is on) because I have to plan out my how to get to wherever because I need to conserve ammo for a boss and can’t waste it on zombies or lickers or dogs. Being able to save whenever I want reduces the stress of surviving to like nothing. Go back to ink ribbons or just straight up allow on 15 saves on normal or 20 on easy or 5 on hard. Those two things really make a difference.
    All that being said, I’d like the story to go back to it’s roots in a sense. Maybe have RE7 be sometime after Raccoon City but not before RE4. RE2 ends with leon and clair and Sherry on the train, escaping the underground Umbrella laboratory. Maybe start off with the train stopping (either in the middle of the forest or at the station) and them finding the station eerily quiet. You can either play as Leon or Clair right before you step off the train into the station. Walk around and explore for a bit until you catch a shadow and cutscene after it. When you finally get to what you saw, you see that it was a hunter and as soon as you kill it, you hear Clair (or Leon depending) and Sherry screaming but you can’t get back to them because the hallway you just ran down is filled with zombies. So you frantically try to find a door and when you finally do, you open it and are treated with a gun in the face. Then you’re shoved aside and the door is barricaded. There’s some survivors here. Some police officers and a woman and child. (Maybe this game can have a Dead Island or Dead Rising mechanic as far as saving survivors go-but much darker and without humor.) Eventually you do the good old “check every room for survivors” like the Police station in RE2. But after the station when you come up the stairs to the street, you see complete devastation. Dead bodies littered on the ground, fires coming from cars and buildings, destruction everywhere, people who hung themselves, and of course zombies howling at the wind. But instead of the City in RE3, ___City can be fully explorable. And after exploring and saving survivors and interacting with various parts of the city, you might find out about an airport or heliport at a hospital or boat along the coast line. The game could branch off into 3 different campaigns from this point. There would be no clear story to what here, with the exception of the information you find from documents and umbrella researchers that survived. Perhaps a majority of umbrealla members could have fled to this city when they realized the Raccoon City lab was lost.
    I think that something along those lines would be much better than any other farfetched poppycock filled action adventure RE title capcom is going to spit out for us to eat up.

    Sorry I write so much. I fucking love RE and hate what they did to it that I could right for dayz

  • disqus_rLlNKemqRB

    First get rid of the overly LONG battles and the annoying quick time events, if only to spare their players future repetitive motion hand injuries. Tie up loose ends. As for a story. Explain why Leon, Claire and Sherry’s lives were spared. After all, someone who destroys a whole town (perhaps under Simmon’s influence?) would have had no problem killing 3 additional people. And, now that we know Ada worked for the US Government (indirectly), perhaps she recommended Leon be made an agent. Claire can return, the door opened via what happened in China. She might go there as part of a team to help the survivors (if any). AND it is in China she hears from one of Carla’s unhappy ex-researchers, about a “monster” Simmons’ group found in an abandoned Umbrella lab that called out her name. Note: It is from this monster that Carla studied the T-Virus & how to use it to create some of her monsters, but finding a way to slow its progression, without being asleep for 15 years via the cocoon – so the monster that resulted would still have some humanity left to make it controllable, or cognizant. Needless to say, Claire believes it is Steve and feels compelled to find him, if only to release him by killing him. She goes to Leon for help finding the lab. Ada joins them because her tie to Carla enables her to access the labs without any complications. Leon is able to contact her via an old communication link he learns about during the post mortem investigation into Simmons and without knowing the full details about Carla, figures Ada might know where the labs are. And off they go. If the story gets overly long they can continue it into RE8, but they can add Chris and Jill by Chris learning that his sister in accompanying “ADA” and Leon, and going after them. He can’t believe Ada is alive, but after dealing with Wesker, thinks she could be like him. Jill goes to assist, but also to keep an eye on Chris. It is through them that we learn more about Ada. Like Ada being an old alias that she possibly kept (despite herself) for sentimental reasons (Leon knows her by that name) – even though it put her more at risk to keep it. Making her identifiable. Anyway, at the end – for Leon and Ada, wouldn’t it be nice if Leon calls, or is just about to call out, “Ada, wait,” and Ada stops and actually goes back to him. End, of their story anyway. (


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