Check out Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2’s launch trailer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is a game I’ve been anticipating for over three years. And this week, it’s finally out. The US will get the game tomorrow, on the 25th, while Europe gets it on the 27th.

I beat the game over the weekend and I can’t wait to share my feelings with you all. Look out for my official review tomorrow!

For now, we have a launch trailer to salivate over. You can check it out below!

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  • Fernando Silva

    Can’t wait!!! Same here! 3 years of anticipation!

  • luigiix

    I wonder what the score will be…i predict a 10 from you guys.

  • Aaron Reason

    My PS3 copy is 20 miles away from me right now, along with my PS4 copy of Thief (They’re sitting in the UPS building waiting to be delivered tomorrow!) I have to be honest, I downloaded the 2nd games demo the day it was released just wanting to try it out (never played a Castlevania game before) and absolutely loved it, so I bought Mirror or Fate HD thinking that it was the 1st game in the series (obviously mistaken) and got the first Lords of Shadow game last week, so I’m going to complete that one before I open my copy of LoS 2 that comes tomorrow. But I’m quite excited.


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