Bohemia Interactive’s servers hacked; DayZ Source Code possibly stolen

An extremely unfortunate event for DayZ Standalone‘s developer Bohemia Interactive seems to have recently occurred. Based on a now-removed forum thread (mirrored here) on game hacking forum Unknown Cheats, it appears that the DayZ source code may have been stolen from the Czech video game developer’s servers via SQL injection.

The alleged attacker going by the alias “DevDomo” posted evidence that he or she gained access to Bohemia’s servers by posting several images of alleged source code files and his or her method of access. I reached out to Bohemia Interactive and asked about the validity of DevDomo’s claims, and they confirmed that they have “detected an attack ” on some of their servers. They went on to say “the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated.”

Since this situation came to my attention, it appears that a PDB tool for debugging the DayZ executable has been released by both DevDomo and fellow Unknown Cheats user “drwhat”. The tool may open up the possibility of new hacks and exploits for DayZ Standalone.

Bohemia Interactive confirmed with us that no user data was accessible from the attacked servers and that current developer goals and schedules for their games have not been affected. More information about the attack is said to be released as Bohemia’s investigation continues. We’ll keep you up to date on the situation.

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  • Grant Kerr

    DayZ is terrible anyway. They are developing to slowly.

    • Igor Perrotta

      Sad but true

    • killer89


    • I wouldn’t agree that it’s a terrible game by any means. It’s in alpha. Can development move faster? In an ideal world.

      I’ve sunk almost 200 hours into the game; I’m happy with it.

      • Fukhead McPot

        its not a terrible game if you like walking around empty houses wondering why theres no zombies in your Zombie game lol

        As for its development speed there seems to be less content now than there was when it was a mod 2 years ago LOL

        Early Access games tho never get finished, they just get abandoned after the sales stop rolling in. Its also a great way of getting bored with a game before its even near finished so by the time they add the content that would make you stay you have already got bored of playing it for hours & miss out on the proper experience you would have had if they had waited until it was finished before letting you play it IMO.

      • Jonathan Reid

        You’ve obviously never been kidnapped with your legs broken and force fed to keep you alive while restrained, and conscious…yep definitely could use a suicide option lol.
        The development speed is fine, but their priorities are all jumbled up so it seems like they’re adding less than they really are. For a $30 dollar game it gives plenty of content.

  • Casey Meisner

    Walking simulator 2014


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