Beyond: Two Souls sells over one million units

Quantic Dream’s new emotion-driven cinematic adventure, Beyond: Two Souls has officially sold over a million units as of Christmas last year, which is impressive seeing as the game was only released in October. To commemorate the occasion, Quantic Dream has put together this nice “thank you” site, to show their appreciation to the fans and reviewers that helped this new IP soar off shelves.

It’s nice to see new ideas get rewarded in this day and age, when most publishers and developers seem to feel that copying other triple-A selling titles is the surest way to get the big bucks, when the only thing a game needs is to be good. Who knows if Beyond will ever get a sequel or something along those lines, but it’d be nice to see David Cage’s works continue to grow through new titles. We’ll see in a few years, I’m sure.

[Source, Via Destructoid]

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