Bethesda Teams Up with The Onion to Promote The Evil Within, Fake Barbed Wire Advocates Get Angry

Bethesda and mock-news network The Onion have teamed up and today released a news report on The Evil Within. The satirical report plays to past video game controversies where advocates demand that a game’s creator takes responsibility for offensive and potentially damaging actions. In this case, Bethesda is being criticized for portraying barbed wire in a negative light.

In the video, advocates for barbed wire complain that The Evil Within makes out barbed wire as bad thing, hurting its reputation. The Evil Within, being a horror game with gruesome imagery, uses barbed wire as a tool and accessory to showcasing its gore and violence.

Overall, the video is worth a watch and will induce a giggle or two. The idea is certainly clever, but not much to write home about. Either way, it seems Bethesda is ramping up their promotion of the game and that’s good. After some negative criticism of the game’s PAX East demo, Bethesda would do well with showing and telling us about the positive aspects of the game – maybe letting us try it for ourselves, too.

SPONSORED: Barbed Wire Industry Protests Negative Portrayal In ‘Evil Within’ Video Game

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  • FlobotingIt

    Honestly, even though this was a joke, this was the stupidest joke I’ve ever seen. Didn’t laugh once, and I had such a hard time watching it all the way through. I’m still excited for the game by all means, but… No thank you.

    • Ironthighs

      Well I thought it was funny.

      • FlobotingIt

        Hey, to each their own. Not my think personally. If you like it, then pat on the back, good sir!

        • Ironthighs

          Indeed. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I tip my fedora to you for I am euphoric and delighted at your response.

          • FlobotingIt

            Glad I could have pleased you, good sir. Tip of the hat to you as well. Good day, fine gentleman.

  • recordatron .

    Quite funny actually, not hilarious or anything but amusing none the less. I liked the idea of the main character being saved by a monster being unable to climb over a fence because of barbed wire. Made me chuckle

  • Steven Bayne

    Funny shit. I almost took this video serious. Hahaha.

  • Guest

    I thought it was funny.


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