Bethesda releases three more screens from The Evil Within, they’re getting frisky!

Bethesda, behave yourself! Just last week you released four screenshots from The Evil Within – this week we’re being given three more? What will the neighbors think of this behavior? What’s next, a new trailer? Actually, that would be pretty sweet. A release date would be fantastic as well.

We’ve got three new screenshots from Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within, guys. Box Head makes an appearance in two of them, and the third features little ol’ me! Check ‘em out below.

  • Benny Disco

    Of course! It’s Bethesda’s mating season.

  • asdasdasd

    There’s just too much similarity to REmake and RE4 for me to see how original or new it is. Sure, it’s new in the world of action-survival horror–but what new things does it introduce? The randomness and unkillability aspects are interesting, but they don’t reel me in. Seems like so much hype.

    • CJ Melendez

      Barely anything has been revealed about the game. The trailers and screens all take place within early areas of the game.

      Plus the guy that essentially defined the survival horror genre is developing this. That’s gotta account for something.

    • drachehexe

      As long as you’re not one of those people who cry “RE isn’t what it used to be bring us back old RE!” People wishing for RE to get back to its roots shouldn’t complain that this games is “too much like RE” because it’s doing what you’re beloved franchise isn’t.

      • CJ Melendez

        Pretty much. Odd, isn’t it?

        • Taylor Dean

          asdasdasd, I don’t see any similarity to REmake and the only similarity to RE4 I see is the camera placement and aiming system. Also, I believe the hype is coming from the fact that a triple AAA horror title is coming out on consoles that’s not Dead Space. Oh yeah, and Shinji Mikami!

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    new “Piramid Head” ?

    • drachehexe


      Safe Head
      Chained Safe Head

      Obviously he’s misunderstood because he just wants to make sure you’re “safe”.

  • Steven Bayne

    The wait is killing me. I’ll definitely be getting it on ps4.