Balls (or ovaries) of steel are needed to attend the Corpse Party

Corpse Party may initially seem like a visual novel taking up the disguise of a PSP game. But that’s not the case entirely. Instead, Corpse Party is a full-on survival horror adventure chock full of disturbing moments and unsettling scenarios as a group of students are pit in a haunted elementary school (Heavenly Host Elementary) where they’ll be confronted at every turn by ghosts who roam the halls.

As you can see by the announcement trailer and the screens below, Corpse Party is a 2D adventure which adopts a very lovely set of visuals indeed. What may not be all that appealing to some, though, is the absence of actual, traditional combat. You’re not really going to find that in this game, but you will find moments interspersed throughout where you’ll be faced with actual foes and even environmental hazards, with your job being to find a way to successfully escape. And if you don’t, you’ll be met with one very gruesome drawn out death sequence which in this game are called “Wrong Ends.” There’s actually 24 of these death scenes to hopefully not be met with, and three proper endings to aim for.

For all you hardcore survival horror fans Corpse Party is definitely something that should be on your radars. But for all those survival action fans, this may not be all that appealing. In the end, it’s just nice to see true horror adventures like this still getting exposure in this current generation. Let’s hope it’s met with reasonable sales. Make sure to head on over to the source for a much more detailed read of what the game offers.



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