Another reason to rethink your stance on Majora’s Mask


While you might not think of it initially, The Legend of Zelda series is kind of dark.  I mean it’s a Nintendo staple – fun and accessible, how could it be dark? Any kid that had a Nintendo system growing up had A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. Overarching themes of good versus evil are kind of par for the course – Hyrule has fallen or is about to fall into the clutches of the evil pig demon Ganon and it’s up to a boy clad in green to save them all from certain doom. But factor in some deeper themes of loss, helplessness and death and suddenly that friendly E for Everyone rating gets a whole lot more M.  Or at least T.  Hey, even nursery rhymes are rife with adult themes.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was one of those games that you might have passed over due to its N64 expansion pack requirement.  Or maybe you were just one of those kids who didn’t like Ocarina of Time (…???).  Anyone who’s played it can attest to the fact that not only is it more challenging than Ocarina of Time, but the story itself seems a lot more dark and depressing.  There’s already a few creepypastas on the subject and the game has earned itself an Honourable Mention from us. 

If you didn’t think it was a little creepy before, you should check this out.

The YouTube channel Game Theorists looks at your favourite video games and fucks with your mind about them offers an alternate theory what actually happened.  The series looks at games, stories and characters in a light that you might not have ever thought of before and once you’ve seen it, sometimes it’s hard to go back to looking at it the way you did before.  They took a look at Majora’s Mask and ask the question, is Link dead? 

Remember, it’s just a theory.  A theory that makes a hell of a lot of sense.


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