Amnesia: The Dark Descent ‘Justine’ DLC Now Available To Everyone

Regardless of what version of Frictional Games’ ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ you have, you can now download the game’s ‘Justine’ DLC via the game’s update 1.2 (which can be downloaded by clicking here).

This DLC consists of several chambers made to test you mentally. Failing one of the tests isn’t as straightforward as one would think, instead, doing so would result in someone’s death in the expansion. But that’s not all. This update also includes a collection of 5 short stories written by the game’s lead writer with art by the main concept artist, which greatly complements the overall game and its ‘Justine’ DLC.

Lastly, Frictional has also released the game’s soundtrack. It’s now available for purchase on their store, or as a free download for those who pre-ordered directly from them.


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