Alien: Isolation developer calls out Resident Evil and Dead Space for not being horror anymore

We come to it at last, the great developer verbal smackdown of our time. It seems that Creative Assembly, the development studio behind the upcoming Alien: Isolation, are quite confident that they’re bringing back AAA Survival Horror. In a recent interview with Edge, some of the team working on the game commented on other titles that influenced Alien: Isolation, and the current state of the survival horror genre. Creative director Alistair Hope had this to say:

“I think this team really got a lot out of Dead Space 1 and Resident Evil”

Lead Designer Gary Nappar agreed, and  lamented the current conditions of AAA horror.

“But those franchises moved in a direction that isn’t… Well, I think that fans of those originals have been marginalised and sometimes it feels like these days they’re just a couple of degrees away from being Gears Of War. Cinematic set-pieces and loads of guns isn’t quite the ‘hiding in the cupboard’ experience I got in the old days of horror gaming. But that stuff has been embraced by the indie community who are producing these high fidelity games that are tense and atmospheric. It’s not often you get to do that in the triple-A space.”

It’s not that often you see a AAA developer call out their peers quite like this. Though it is refreshing to see that Creative Assembly are recognising that there’s a lot of desire for a true Survival Horror game come out of the AAA space again.

While these comments bolster my confidence in the game, I still can’t help but worry about all the rumors that Alien: Isolation features segments where you are fighting human enemies like a traditional first person shooter. One of the developers even mentioned that the space station the game takes place in is “in a state of anarchy”. Let’s just hope that the only shots fired with regards to the game are the comments from the Edge interview.


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  • Thomas

    …….nice to see that others gamers (who happen to be game developers) agree with the rest of us. Its sad how fast Dead Space declined in its scary quality. The same with Resident Evil which i think is funny because the term survival horror was coined when it came out…….

    It sad that they want so badly to be gears of war…….

    • Rourke Keegan

      Which is really funny since Gears of War wanted to be Resident Evil. Cliff Bleszinski claims RE4 was one of the biggest influences on GoW1, and even sites the Berzerker as being a nod to RE4’s Garrador.

  • Sebastian Jonathan

    This game is going to suck. ‘-‘

  • NotJack

    Oh god, I’m getting my hopes up again.

    Really I’m hoping that human segments will see things like humans hunting YOU using the motion tracker or something… so just another type of scare. Or if it is combat, something more like Last of Us. Ugh, just not another PoS pleaaaase.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Resident Evil: Revelations is a Flop if these sales numbers true
    124k for North America (Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360)

  • Guestt

    This and Evil Within .. cant wait

  • Dakan45

    you dont say? Anyway too much hype for a amnesia clone.

    • killer89

      You would be amused on how much games are clones of each other with some tiny additions.

      • Dakan45

        Try everything.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think if Resident Evil was handed over to Capcom Vancouver, they’d be able to turn it around, for the better, since it seems Capcom’s HQ in Japan is out of touch with what real horror is now.

  • Ivan Nero Trevino

    Dead Space 3 was still a survival horror game. And yeah, it was still scary.

    • Killer7

      I didn’t find DS3 to be scary at all. DS1 was terrifying and DS 2 was pretty creepy. But I literally stopped DS3 an hour into the game because of its predictable nature and enemies with guns. The monsters felt like they were lazily put in and I didn’t feel underpowered one bit. EA, man…


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