Alchemilla Source Mod Nails Silent Hill’s Look and Sound

The Silent Hill Alchemilla Source mod has been in development for several years by modder White Noise. As of two days ago it is now fully released and available for free download on ModDB.

Taking elements from the series and mashing them together to create an adventure title with no combat and only puzzles, the Alchemilla mod feels like a really well put together tribute to the series. From its sights and sounds, which are mostly ripped from the games themselves, the mod creates an effectively creepy and Silent Hill-ish atmosphere for free.

I played the mod for a little while and I can attest to its quality. Various locations from the games are recreated and new areas inspired by scenes from throughout the series appear. Seeing as how P.T. hasn’t dropped on PC (Konami, please), this will have to do for all you folks itching for some new Silent Hill material.


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  • Kevin Yu Zheng

    The trailer alone looks closer to the classic Silent Hill games than all of Tomm Hulett’s productions combined.

    • Thomas

      ……. is that a good or bad thing….. For me personly the original for the psone is still the best game in the series and if they really want to put silent hill on the map again they need to return to theire original roots. Just saying….

  • Demi

    It looks really good! Im surprised

  • Brodequin

    At last, i’ve been waiting for this mod so looong…

  • Connor Broderick

    I played the in-progress version of this a while ago and forgot about it. It’s come so far along! This looks great.


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