Alan Wake 2 on hiatus, Remedy’s Sam Lake addresses fans in video message

In a very disappointing turn of events, Remedy has come out to say that a sequel to Alan Wake will not be seen any time soon. Sam Lake, Remedy’s Creative Director, has created a video message to fans of the franchise. Speaking very candidly, Sam explains why the sequel is not happening any time soon.

Sam makes a point to explain that Alan Wake did not sell that well initially, and then goes on to announce a new humble bundle package full of all previously released Alan Wake content as well as new behind the scenes content we’ve never seen before. You can check out the Alan Wake humble bundle here.

So, it seems for now that Alan Wake has been laid to rest, and Remedy has moved onto their new project, Quantum Break. We wish Remedy all the best and hope we can one day see Mr. Wake find his way out of the dark place.


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  • At the time of this writing, XBLA is having an Alan Wake sale with stuff priced very cheap. I finally downloaded AW’s American Nightmare for 320 MS points.

  • tigerspaw

    I hope the next game is a lot spookier. While the first time I played it, it scared the crap out of me. But I hope the next game is a lot creepier. Although, American Nightmare was a lot of fun albeit more “spoofy/silly” in the vein of the classic Twilight Zone series. Either stick with that ‘shtick’ or make it a lot darker/scarier. I enjoyed both games regardless.

  • Koulamatata

    Thanks Remedy. Thank you for helping me ease into the PS4 a little more easily knowing that i’m not missing out on one of my favourite IPs of this current gen by passing on the X1!

  • hbkwm14

    You can hear how disappoint he is that they can’t make the game. I don’t like every game they made but you can tell they care about them when they make them. They want to you to feel for the character and I respect them for that. I Hope one day they can return to Alan Wake and Let the horror spread. Also the only reason why I would buy Buy a Betamax One…… Sorry Xbox one.

  • Liam Mountain

    so no alan wake 2 for a long time ? another reason not to buy the new xbox….. oh wait I mean the new sport tv box.

  • flange

    Is this site for PS3 fanboys only or something? Go away console war kids.


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