A day in the Life of a Demon Hunter trailer shows off Damned

Ever wonder how it would be to live as a pendejo demon hunter? Well, EA has released a post-launch trailer for Shadows of The Damned. In case you were on the fence about buying Damned, this video shows off all the cool things that you’re missing.

How to take care of your girl, Spanish lessons, how to knock back a 40, and demon slaying are but a few of the things that Damned offers consumers. With so many learning devices put into this game, it’s perfect for children. Give them a Damned good gift for the summer. They’ll thank you right after calling you a “puta”.

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  • stephen conner

    Hey, how’s it going, I was wanting to see what the storyline for this game was, I haven’t been able to follow everything on it. I also had an idea and like to see what people thought, if they came up with a Supernatural, MMORPG, and released it would you subscribe to it. I don’t know if you’re a watcher of the show on CW, but its an awesome idea, create your own Hunter, and have you hunting camps, demons, ghosts, and different supernatural characters.

  • The Secret World would be pretty much what you’re looking for.


  • Lexi

    That trailer was extremely funny, especially the learn Spanish part had me laughing like crazy!
    I’ll most likely get the game once I finish Alice, it’s just way too fun to pass up.

  • Elyssa

    This trailer definitely showcases whats in store for players if they purchase the game. I personally thought it was a great game & will definitely play it my 2nd time around very soon 🙂


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