Whispers in the Dark Ep. 84: Bishonen Chic

On this natural episode of the Whispers’ podcast, the crew talks about the latest three releases (Gat out of Hell, Resident Evil, and H1Z1), what Capcom should do after the success of Remaster, Early Access abuse and consumer accountability, ghost fighting guidos, and NightCry‘s Kickstarter.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Zev Levit-Ramos, Mackenzie Allen, Zack Furniss

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  • Andy

    WHAT?! You never beat RE2?! Come on man!! Play it and graphics do not matter. RE2 and RE3 look pretty good still. I have the N64 and the Gamecube version of RE2 and the Gamecube version of RE3 and they look decent and clean looking. But Capcom is never going to remake RE2 and RE3 in the same style as RE remake. We are never going to get a game as good as RE Remake ever again. It’s not about sales it’s about talent and Capcom does not have that anymore sadly. When I first heard you never beat RE remake I was laughing and I was shocked. I beat RE remake countless times and I got RE remake first day it came out. I pre ordered it at EB Games and I stayed home from school for a week so I can beat it lol. I beat RE2 also countless times. But I do agree with you about RE Code Veronica X. It’s a broken game and it sucks.

    • I never said it was the graphics. I just haven’t finished it.

    • franky mcdonald

      I wish I had your mom growing up, If i said ” I’ll redo 2nd grade, Castlevania needs to be conquered.” I would know the luxury of having a valet.

      • Andy

        Excuse me?

        • franky mcdonald

          Staying home from school to beat a game. My mom wouldn’t have it. she would have personally took me to school. like they do on Downton Abbey. I didn’t mean to offend.

    • Demi

      Can you elaborate on whats broken in Code Veronica X? The only thing broken there is the mashing system that allows you to receive 0 damage even if a zombie grabs you, but for that you need to start mashing before the zombie attacks, thus not very effective.
      In the same way REmake allows you to run in circles on the same spot to trick the AI to run against the walls without attacking you, thats more broken.
      At least Code Veronica provides a decent challenge, REmake is a cakewalk, there are only 4 enemies (Collar dog, Prototype Crimson Head, Yawn and Tyrant) that are must kill, the rest is easily avoidable.

      • Andy

        It’s broken because It doesn’t have enough ammo and pretty much what everyone else is saying it is unbalanced. It’s impossible to get through some areas. At almost every boss your taking a risk and if you beat them it’s pretty much luck. The part where you have to beat the Tyrant on the plane you barely have any ammo to beat him. But most of the zombies are not avoidable.

        Btw running in circles to trick the AI in RE remake was not in the original. That’s just in the remaster.

        • Demi

          The tyrant on the plane dies literally with 4 anti-bow granades. If you wasted those it will take a lot more ammo.

  • franky mcdonald

    “Victorian era character”,The whole internet only spits out two choices, M.A.S.H or The Order 1886(Victorian era game with werewolf’s)(on a site about horror). Pick one, and lie to me.
    Loved the Answer, I’ll have to sharpen my Crayon.


  • Demi

    On RE0: Marcuis being a bishonen makes sense, as you said, you havent finished the game. On the last boss fight it is revealed that he is not a younger Marcus made of leechs as you mentioned. Marcus is the Leech Queen, thus female, she only adopted his form for convenience.

    On CVX: I dont really understand your complains, the knife in code veronica is by far the best in the series, it can kill zombies in 4 slash so the scarce ammo is justified. Take into account that the game allows you to recieve cero damage if you are fast enough mashing buttos when somethign grabs you. To that, you have to add that dodging is vital in RE games, if you finished REmaster, you should know that, killing enemies is worse than dodging them since it will spam crimson heads/hunters later.
    The only problem with CVX is the changes to Chris if you had every item on Claire, wich is not that bad considering that Chris’s sections are short, you have the knife (wich is op) and you can dodge everything.
    It is the hardest RE, but from there to saying that its terribly bad…. 2 different things.

    • Claire taking Chris’ items, Steve being unavoidable (meaning health items must be had and used), and the Tyrant fight are among my problems with the game’s balancing. Perhaps if they rerelease it on Steam I’ll do a stream and you guys can give me the tips, but as it stand, I really dislike the game.

      In the book it was Marcus with the Queen’s influence, at the end he losing his consciousness to her when enraged. Figured it was the same in the game. It’s not that it’s just him, but she’s acting as a catalyst for his consciousness.

      • Demi

        Steve being unavoidable is really a bad design, thats true. But items are shared among Claire and Chris, you have to put them on the itembox, the game does not warn you about that, but there is a free savepoint after the tyrant fight, if you happen to take every item as claire, you just reload from there and store ever item on the box before Nosferatu fight. The game even gives you the sniper rifle before nosferatu wich can kill him in 1 shot.

      • Demi

        Then again you can take 4 bites before dropping from Fine to Caution, and you get 2 green herbs in the same room you have to escape from Steve, he can only hit you once anyway.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    On the X-files and Twin Peaks subject

    I dunno the Twin Peaks announcement makes sense and by chance, 25 years have passed and Lynch and Frost are willing to continue the story can’t wait for that.

    The X-Files wasnt much of an interest to me but if it had the same circumstances that Twin Peaks had, then I guess that’s cool.

    As for cast members becoming old in any type of media, I guess that how life is and besides I think the last Rocky movie for example had this very sad closure that was befitting to the fact that Stallon hadn’t really found a way to lay Rocky to peace.

  • Jane Kleshcheva

    Mackenzie is alright but god he talks fast. I can’t understand half of what he says T_T

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    no more podcasts?


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