Whispers in the Dark Ep. 67: Linda Hamilton’s Multiverse

On this folklore inspired episode of the Whispers’ podcast, Kyle and I discuss what we’ve been watching and playing, the creepy backstory to Year Walk, the fallacies¬†of time travel, Tumblr babies, the survival genre, and video game developer mud wrestling.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell

Duration: 01:28:36
File Size: 50.6 MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: ‘Collard Greens [feat. Cyanotic]’ –¬†Symmetrical Syndrome

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  • franky mcdonald

    King did’t like Shelley Duvals “just a scream machine” performance.

  • Anubis

    Very fun conversation, guys. Thanks. I heard you talk a little about Ground Zeroes. I personally enjoyed it a lot on PS4. Kinda pricey, but fortunately it was very good.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    I’m so hungry now after the last portion on the podcast xD


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