Whispers in The Dark Ep. 66: Nerd of the State

On this conspiracist episode of the Whispers’ podcast, the crew talks about bad games that we’ve reviewed, the quality decline of indie horror, Courtney Love’s Danganronpa, video game obsession, celebrity Let’s Plays, response to our April Fools’ jokes, and internet sensitivity.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney ChavisKyle Campbell, Andrea Tobiichi

Duration: 01:59:18
File Size: 68.2 MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: ‘Collard Greens [feat. Cyanotic]’ – Symmetrical Syndrome

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  • Jane Kleshcheva

    That was a fun podcast, I laughed a lot. But that’s kind of expected every time Kyle does his Pewdiepie impressions)) Also, Pyramid Gaga!
    p.s. Haunting Ground 2 having Courtney Love as a stalker almost killed me.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Nirvana yeah!

    Also this episode was pretty entertaining as usual.

    I’m curious about people addicted to online gaming. Does it register to them when they kinda waste their lives in virtual reality. I know some might use this argument for anyone playing video-games but I guess too much of anything is bad.

    Anyway keep it up peeps

  • franky mcdonald

    mentioning comments from the original post in the “news” segment….very clever.


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