Whispers in The Dark Ep. 6: High Heels and Turkey

In this episode we catch up on some Resident Evil and Silent Hill movie news, why Kinect needs to get better, the Silent Hill HD Collection getting old voices, our Thanksgivings, and a few review scores!

It’s a shame Skype didn’t let us record last week, but we were all much more peppy this week anyway. Also, say hello to Jessica! She joins us this week to help us talk about more horror games and stuff. Some of you classic listeners might already know her.

I upped the volume level on this episode to make the show a bit louder. Let me know if that worked for you or sounded weird.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Zev Levit,  Whitney Chavis, Jessica Lee

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Man in White Dress

Jess’ Youtube Channel

Lucifer’s Happy-Stick in Dante’s Inferno

Woman Pepper Sprays People on Black Friday


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  • Xoc

    Yes! Man in white dress made it in the links!

  • Ahmad S, Al-Hamily

    Guys a great Podcast again!

    On the Siren question: Levit hit the spot it and gets it right! And 8 outta 10 is a fair score.

    Game-play wise the PS3 version is less hectic than the PS 2 original.

    In regard to the quality of the Podcast. I think there is some kind of reverb or weird delay but doesn’t effect the whole thing.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks, Ahmad!

    Sorry about the audio issue. Jess’ mic might have been doing some weird stuff, but she will mess with it next time.

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Actually thank you guys for taking some of your time to make Podcasts on survival horror games which in my opinion are excellent and it’s like something I really look forward every time you announced a podcast.

    The same goes to the Podcasts coming outta the Silent Hill Experienced and other survival horror sites. What can I say? I just my news on the latest from you guys.

    Keep on keepin’ on and God bless.

  • Whit, thanks for the card capture info at the end. I’m looking into the same thing for Japanese imported games, so this is useful. Thanks!
    And yay for no depressing dog stories in this week’s show! 😀


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