Whispers in The Dark Ep. 49: Michael Biehn’s Pocket Tales

On this week’s Whispers’ podcast we discuss Comic-Con, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories‘ plot, Joseph Oda from The Evil Within and my hair, Michael Biehn as a Pokemon, Aliens retconning, goblins, Rourke as The Riddler, and much more. You can count on us to bring you that signature banter!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    First to listen ooooh yeah

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    I kinda agree with Rourke’s point of view in regards to connecting the bad ending in the original Silent Hill with Shattered Memories. In some way, that could be canon.

    However, if I had a say in the issue, I’d like to see a legit Silent Hill remake and I know that’s crazy talk but a guy could dream.

  • Whitney I’ve played that Harry Potter game… I know your pain! D:< ALSO! Do you remember that section where the game went all "Metal Gear Potter" and you had to get past the Prefect undetected!? FUCKING ANNOYING! ;O

    Also Kyle's tangent about Pyramid Head the "monster-cleaner" made me cry… :'D GREAT JOB GUYS! ^O^

  • rem

    Whitney’s comic con adventures and Rourkes guards problems

    13:50 To 30:44


    CJ and Whitney Prison OTP!

    30:45 to 31:50

    Whitney: So we are going to be former lesbian lovers?

    CJ: Yes!

    [-Falls over laughing- I know why CJ won’t let me listen to
    the hell decent stuff now! Rourke was right CJ and Whitney were dating and CJ was a girl! Until I get to listen to them I will keep guessing these things!]


    Orange is the new black

    37:20 to 39:28


    Deadly premonition PC

    39:30 to 41:10

    [Yay we can get the sound files! I want Rainy woods!]


    CJ Cosplay

    50:10 to 53:20

    [DO IT CJ! Grow your hair out and cosplay Detective Joseph Oda!]


    CJ’s dreams

    1:37:54 to 1:38:27


    My questions

    1:38:28 To 1:49:00

    Whitney: Why am I the candy man?

    [Because CJ said so and CJ’s my favourite! :P]


    Kyle: I forgot about the puppet sex

    [O.o I am never watching that movie ever!]


    [Katawa Shoujo is really good! I had to be sold on it but my
    friend got me interested when he told me on of the girls was basically me. I got up to where she turns up and he is right. It’s so funny and kinda creepy seeing me as an anime girl and Yang’s from Rwby! Sorry Whitney!]

  • Cris Hipolito


  • Jane Kleshcheva

    Oh my, Fear Effect games were totally brilliant. I’m still in love with them madly and I feel really sorry the series kinda died. FE3 videos looked very intriguing and promising. I strongly recommend giving them a try: visuals are nice, story is quite interesting and I really like games’ characters. Locations are pretty diverse (even gameover screens change to suit the main theme of a level!) and puzzles are not irritating even though generally hate them in games. Wonderful stuff!


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