Whispers in The Dark Ep 46: Nothing Means Nothing

Did you know that the Xbox One is a console? Because it is! Are you ready for it? We talked about it on this episode! Then we talk about E3 hopes, because E3 IS E3. A whoooole bunch of other things get talked about, like that trickster Hideo Kojima replacing David Hayter. Kiefer’s got nothing on me!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    First person to listen to this episode ….. Ooooooooh yeeeeeh! XD

  • That Guy

    Never realized how much I missed Rourke and Whitney until now.

    • Whitney Chavis


      • That Guy

        Kyle and CJ are great but the podcast just wasn’t the same without you two.

      • Persons says they actually like Whitney… first thing she says is ‘Why?” XD

        Don’t you know that you’re the best…. ARROOUUNNDD!! 😉

    • Rourke Keegan

      Aw 🙂 Thanks, Guy ^_^ Whitney and I miss you!

    • Just remembered I have to read this in the voice of the Dad from Brave… ;D

  • FUCK YEAH! SAM RIEGEL! You guys should totally do that! 😀 Rourke did you really not know that he was Steve?! I QUESTION YOUR RESIDENT EVIL KNOWLEDGE! XD (Not really :P) Infact he was in God Hand too apparently…

    • Rourke Keegan

      Lol, I didn’t know who Sam Riegel was until a few months ago. I recognized the voice at the time, but I was mostly like “Hey, it’s that one guy”

  • SecretX

    I really hated when you guys talk about the wii U but whatever. Resident evil HD collection i’m not looking forward to it because some say it will actually make graphics worst also which version will they make it? ps4 or ps3. My favorite death scene would be Zack from FF7 crisis core it war really shocking but in horror i guess it would be Louis from RE4.

  • rem

    Whitney’s ask FM

    0:13 to 7:00

    [Rely on horror Yaoi? How was I not involved?]


    [CJ’s so masculine –swoon-]

    [I should try to get all the creeps on ask to talk to CJ it would be the funniest thing ever! Pity I have no idea how to do that]


    Xbox 1

    14:40 to 21:05

    [I love the mental image of Whitney cosplaying as Bane and starting a gaming revolution]


    Call of duty and gender

    21:05 to 23:40

    Whitney: Guys, girls don’t play
    video games and if they do they’re really dudes.

    Kyle: it’s true.

    Whitney: I’m really a guy.

    [-spit take-]

    Whitney: I’m a young boy that’s why my voice is so high pitched compared to yours.

    [The plot thickens]

    Xbox 1 part 2

    23:41 to 40:40


    My Dream and questions

    1:15:20 To 1:22:25

    [I was making a phoenix wright 2 joke with the 3 symbols of Max Galactica.]

    [I read the dialog out loud too! Some of the voices I had trouble with. Like Gumshoe has a big dopy voice which took me ages to get right.]

    [Whitney how did you get bored during Rocky horror? I have heard it be called many things boring is not one of them. (I still has no idea of if I liked it or not)]

    [That was good Rourke! Hopefully you have the time and stuff to do a
    let’s play at some point]


    CJ’s dad VS Macho man Randy Savage

    1:43:10 To end


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