Whispers in The Dark Ep. 43: Blood Jackman

On this week’s WITD podcast, we start off with a few Ghost Adventures schemes, interesting horror announcements, my Dead Island Riptide, and The Evil Within. Soon after we start to remember the horrible things we’ve done and said in the past (past episodes). It’s another circus of wonders in this episode.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan, Zev Levit

Duration: 02:05:07
File Size: 71.5 MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • rem

    I will be here to remind you of what you have said on this show. it’s fun hearing random ideas and saying people should do it!

    • I look forward to the scary Wiki.

      • rem

        I will share my secrets on the wiki then we can all haunt them with their past.

  • A good episode. Glad Zev was back. Really great you didn’t go through all the news. That’s what the site is for. Just picking out the news you wanted to discuss worked better. Got the Platinum Trophy on Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut btw 🙂

    • That was fast.

      • Thanks go to Whitney for her 100% Deadly Premonition Video Walkthrough 😀 I watched that recently so most of what I had to do sidequest wise was still fresh in my mind. I also had a 1 day head start receiving the game on Thursday.

  • Thanks very much for answering my question, guys! I have indeed already reached out to Rourke.

  • There is also a X-Men villain named Sebastian Shaw. He was played by Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class.

    Great Episode,guys

  • That Guy

    I fuckin died when Rourke impersonated Brady White

    • WHAT?! WTF have I missed?! XD

      • rem


        • It’s around the part where they read out my question… I was listening to it last night infact! ;D COINCIDENCE!!! XD

          • rem

            I THINK NOT!

          • Brady White

            My god! We are the same person…. 😛

          • rem


            You might be the same person as me but that’s not going to help you, for I know that you and I are -redacted- STRANGE ISN’T IT!

  • SecretX

    does anybody know the secret treasure in RE4 on the wall, where the bugs are? it feels like i’m the only that knows about that you just get close to the wall and it gives out treasure 400 gold each.

    • Yep! There’s also an easter egg on the jet ski at the end of the game- Pulling L+R (or LB+RB, R1+92) just as Leon boosts up one of the little ramps at the end of the game will cause him to do a sweet spin. There’s only two animations, the second one is doubled for both time you hit the jump.

      • SecretX

        so when are you gonna make a video walkthrough with all of your glitches that you found?

        • And you could show us how you snipe all the crows with your handgun! ^_^ SOUNDS AWESOME! 🙂

          • It’s not that hard lol xD It’s easiest on the GameCube and Wii. I’d love to do a video, but I need to get a capture card first.

  • That Guy

    Been following this site for a while, like back in the helldescent.com days. Never listened to the podcast back then, maybe it was a good thing?

  • Poor Rourke XD

  • Here’s the PS4 video with Zev and I.


  • OK so I’ve been sick the past few days *blows nose* so I’ve been missing my precious Whispers In The Dark! D: But I am back now and apparently I’ve missed ALOT… *looks at Hugh Jackman’s chest* XD

    0:02 – Theme song is back… WOO! ;O
    0:25 – So Zev appears and Kyle disappears huh??? Suspicious! *fondles mustache*
    2:12 – CONGRATS WHITNEY! 😀

    2:28 – And not until the 18th in Australia… I WANNA’ PLAY IT SO BAD! *wipes away tear* D’:
    4:55 – I’ve been putting off homework to listen to the podcast so… CURSE YOU SCHOOL! 😉
    6:20 – Sister Mary *sniggers* Eunice?! :O (Ross will get that joke! ^_^ *cough* Or anybody who ACTUALLY WATCHED SEASON 2 OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY! XD)
    7:40 – *sings along* AROUND!!! *high-fives Whitney*
    9:02 – I think maybe you should ask Sarah if that’s okay with her before that happens CJ… SHE’LL FUCK YO’ SHIT UP! *remembers fight involving Batman*
    11:30 – Rem you better be writing this shit down… it could go in your fanfics! XD
    13:01 – So wait Sarah’s the black guy?! XD (That was such an awesome movie! :D)
    16:52 – I’m guessing if Rourke tried to play DP:DC he’s PS3 would get up and jump out the window then blow-up! ;D (Seeing as games seem to have a problem on Rourke’s system’s )
    20:15 – OH GOD! :O It’s SH:Downpour and HD Collection all over again… GLITCHES! GLITCHES EVERYWHERE! *runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut-off*
    23:30 – *pauses to go watch CJ and Zev’s video* GOOD JOB! 😀
    24:20 – Whitney if you need an assassin hit squad to go get that Robbie, I think it’s safe to say that Rem and I are your guys! 😉 *plays fight without honor or humanity over speakers*
    29:05 – Look at my… HORSE?! MY HORSE IS AMAZING?! 😛
    31:01 – I saw it… *giggles maniacally* SILENT HILL!
    31:45 – “U go’ a problem?!” Oh my! :O Gangster CJ just appeared for a split second… watch out Senorita!
    33:30 – Yeah I had that thought too… then again, it’s not a Suda game unless your staring at large breasts for no apparent reason! XD
    37:00 – I heard the DLC comparison in a review I watched yesterday…. *sighs, disappointingly*
    38:06 – The ‘God of War’ thing Whitney mentioned was an achievement entitled “Bro’s before Hoe’s” that was patched so now its *sighs* “Bro’s before Foes” I thought that was okay…. the Dead Island bust… not so much! >.<
    41:29 – 'MURICA! FUCK YEAH! ;D
    43:40 – Dafuq?!
    47:20 – Cry into his abs CJ! Cry into his abs! D': I still need to play it Oh and yeah I’ve seen some of those pictures… OH MY! XD *blushes*
    51:38 – Thankyou Zev! Thankyou! *winks* ^_^
    55:50 – HI ROURKE! ^o^ Wait that was an Australian accent?! Oh the Crocodile Dundee one was really good though! ;D
    58:01 – Has Makami played Amnesia… SHIT’S SCARY! ^3^
    59:40 – Did Rourke just say “Hot Fairy Boy”?! OMG! THIS IS THE BEST!
    1:00:55 – Rourke I said it with you! 😀 THAT IS MY FAVOURITE CUTSCENE! *cough* Ada Wong fanboy *cough* XD
    1:02:40 – ERMAHGERD! Rourke please make a video doing said glitch it would be AWESOME! *leaves to go try it out*
    1:19:10 – All this ‘The Evil Within’ talk is making me smile… I CAN’T WAIT! :O
    1:20:38 – I like how Whitney is the Christian Slater expert! XD “I see some brown eyes” LOL!
    1:22:45 – DA BAND?! I’ll join! 😀 I’ll be a back-up dancer! ^O^
    1:29:40 – Whitney subtly mentions Sailor Moon… nobody says anything! I LOVE THIS PODCAST!
    1:36:04 – I entered… HOPE I WIN! ;D
    1:37:30 – Whitney this is a harem! Anybody can be anybody’s waifu! Also… ERRBODY’S A HOE! XD And CJ never mention salad again… I’M NEVER! GOOGLING! THAT! >..<
    1:50:20 HELL DESCENT EPISODES! HELL DESCENT EPISODES! Now that you mention them I want them! 😀
    1:51:40 – FINISH HIS FREAKING QUESTION CJ! D:< God! *tussles hair*
    1:53:20 – You guys are funny! 🙂
    1:54:20 – Allen *clears throat and impersonates a gangster* HELLS TO THE YEAH!
    1:56:02 – *goes to make 'Rely on CJ' tumblr before CJ can* Ok now where can I find some yaoi-esque pictures of Murphy Pendelton"
    1:57:40 – You have to write that song now guys… you said it on the internet, not it must happen!
    1:58:25 – SAEKOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! XD *cough* Busujima! *cough*
    1:59:20 – WHITNEY! WHITNEY! WHITNEY! *cheers*
    2:01:38 – Baby Wipes?! Like scent ones or… ^o^
    2:02:30 – Rourke's rapper name… *thinks* K-Dog? And Rourke what about Rourke from Pokemon?! YOU CAN'T FORGET HIM! ;D
    2:04:24 – Senorita Yolo Swag Dawg… PRINCESS OF PAIN! *pumps fist*

    HOLY GOD! I wrote alot… Um… er… Keep up the great work! 😀 *runs away before he sneezes everywhere* ^_^ Also to anyone who actually wrote all of this… 🙂 :O 😀 XD ^_^ ^o^ ^3^ *O* HUGS FOR YOU! *dances away*

    • rem

      ”*looks at Hugh Jackman’s chest* XD”

      That is the effect of CJ he makes people realize that you are not gay by looking at another guy and should not be grossed out.

      -see’s face- AGHH! -falls off chair-


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